WATCH : The “Peculiar” Catch by Marnus Labuschagne has sparked a Twitter debate.

Marnus Labuschagne’s catch for Queensland against New South Wales in the Sheffield Shield has left Twitterati perplexed, with many saying it may not have been given out. Mitchell Swepson’s bowling gave NSW’s Baxter Holt a thick outside edge, and the ball looped up towards Labuschagne at cover. Running back Labuschagne grabbed the ball but seemed to be dropping back before turning around and the ball popped out of his side. The umpire ruled it out, putting the first inning of NSW to a close.

When they tweeted the footage, posted, “A ‘peculiar’ finish to the NSW innings, with this considered to be a legitimate grab.”

It was a controversial call, according to some users.

One person said, “It doesn’t sound out to me for sure.”

“It’s not a legitimate grab; the fielder must show possession of the ball and their body before the catch is considered complete. Ball appeared before he regained control of his body “Another was published.

“That can never be sent away. Never being in charge, “Another was written.

One statement read, “Bit of a flog act,” while another said, “It’s a fallen grab.”

Several users compared it to Herschelle Gibbs’ notorious dropped catch in the 1999 World Cup semi-final against Australia, in which he should have dismissed Steve Waugh.

“If that’s gone, Steve Waugh was out at the 99 World Cup…” one person commented.

Another said, “He just lost the World Cup.”

New South Wales’ first inning finished with a score of 381, thanks to Labuschagne’s grab. For NSW, Jason Sangha crossed a century, while openers Daniel Hughes and Matthew Gilkes all reached half-centuries.

Labuschagne went on to put up his half-century for Queensland after the switchover.

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