win prediction:Gardner Harris strikes, Graham hat-trick secures Australia 4-1 series win

Ashley Gardner put on another all-around display as Grace Harris continued her exploits with a big blow as Australia beat India 4-1, 54 runs, at Brabourne Stadium on Tuesday.

His 142 batting average for India after Gardner and Harris pushed Australia to his 196 batting average in his four at-bats, while Heather Graham hit his trick in his T20I in his third as the Australian national team. It fell apart when I recorded it.

Deepti Sharma has been victorious for half a century, leading India to a respectable sum.

Gardner, Harris Atack
India started well on the ball, winning both openers on power plays, while Renuka Singh also beat Australian reserve captain Talia McGrath with a maiden. However, McGrath came back strong and helped Australia to continue before being pushed off by Shafari Verma in eight overs. Australia went 67-4, but in form Elise Perry fell in the 10th over and holed out after a long on to Devika Vaidya’s legspin.

But as with all games in the series, major partnerships dashed the hosts’ hopes: Beth Mooney and McGrath in the first two, Perry and Harris in the third, and Perry and Gardner in the fourth. rice field. On Tuesday, it was Harris and Gardner who added 129 runs off 62 deliveries in the fifth wicket.

They launched their attack in the 13th when Gardner defeated Anjali Salvani for the fourth time in a row. Australia had 112 runs in their final eight overs, including Salvani’s 19.

Gardner played alongside fielders and found gaps regularly, hitting 11 4s and 6s. Harris, on the other hand, was less concerned with where his fielders were, more concerned with clearing the ropes. She hit four sixes and six fours en route to her T20I in her first half-century.

India weren’t helped by a weak field intensity as they gave Australia three separate falls. And Renuka’s rare point ball on a death over also slipped past Richa Ghosh for a 4 bye.

Chasing a mammoth 197, India ran into their first obstacle in the first over. Smriti is when Mandana flicks a harmless shot from Darcy Brown straight into Harris’s front square his leg.

The hosts struggled to accelerate and soon lost Shafari in the fifth set. Gardner teased them with a flying delivery to the outside and slammed directly into Annabelle Sutherland.

Harleen Deall, who failed to hit in her last match, was promoted to third as India opted to rest Jemima Rodriguez for the match. Deol picked up the pace with some quick boundaries, including her point square drive-behind from the first delivery she faced.

However, a mix-up with Harmanpreet Kaur ended 16 balls and his 24 shots, with India regularly losing wickets after that run-out. Herman Pleet was caught by Sutherland before Gardner returned and drove off a mighty Ghosh to leave the hosts 70 for 5 in 10 overs.

Gardner rounded out another great all-around performance as he finished 20-2, the same as in the previous match, earning both the Player of the Match and Player of the Tournament awards.

Meanwhile, Graham, who was brought in on offense in the 13th inning, ran through the lower midfield with a stunning hat-trick. Vaidya was her first victim, tricked by a slow ball and stumped when she tried to come forward and play. Her second wicket was a long ball on the outside, which slammed into her stumps and sent Radha Yadav back to the cottage.

Australia’s innings started with 13 overs, but India’s chase almost ended there.

Graham was then released from the attack and she came back and threw the last Renuka that was castled to complete her high. She holed out her Deepti for a long time on the final ball of the game, so it wasn’t over yet. She returned her 2-0-8-4 numbers.

During her two overs in which Graham scored a hat-trick, Deepti again demonstrated her finishing skills, hitting 53 off 34 balls.

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