WIPL 2023: Women’s IPL franchise to be announced on 25th January

On January 25th, BCCI will announce the names of the five franchises competing in the inaugural Women’s Indian Premier League (WIPL) and the cities in which they will operate.

On this date, financial offers for these franchises, which are currently being filed in sealed envelopes, will be opened. However, BCCI has indicated in its tender documents that it is “not obligated to accept the highest bid” and will seek ways for bidders to promote the growth of women’s cricket in India.

Last week, BCCI announced a bid to own and operate her five franchises at WIPL. This she is scheduled to take place from March 3rd to she is on the 26th. In an overview of the Tender Documents (ITT) viewed by ESPNcricinfo, BCCI advised that one bidder could bid on multiple cities. BCCI has shortlisted 10 city pools and listed venues with their respective capacities for tender. The list includes Ahmedabad (Narendra Modi Stadium, capacity 112,560), Kolkata (Eden Gardens, capacity 65,000), Chennai (MA Chidambaram Stadium, capacity 50,000), Bangalore (M Chinnaswamy Stadium, capacity 42,000), Delhi (Arun Jaitley) Stadium, 55,000) and Dharamsala (.Mumbai) have three venues listed, but BCCI said one of the three venues would be used based on “availability and other factors”. Announced.

The current plan of having a 10-city pool is different from what BCCI first presented to the national associations at last year’s annual membership meeting. At the time, the BCCI said he intended to host the tournament in half a dozen cities that didn’t have enough home ground for five teams, either choosing one city from each of the six zones across the country. was saying

Determining the winning bid amount
His remaining seven cities, excluding Dharamsala, Guwahati and Indore, are already home to men’s IPL teams. BCCI did not set a base price, but bidders were asked to offer prices for 10 seasons. Bidders are given the chance to compete for multiple franchises/cities, but BCCI says the winning bidder will only receive one franchise.

BCCI said “the stadium with the highest bid will be awarded first”. “Then the stadium with the next highest bid wins the contract.”

If his two highest bids for one venue are the same, BCCI has announced that it will re-bid. If two different bidders have the same highest bid for his two venues, BCCI has “discretion to determine the order”. If bidders submit their highest bids on multiple floors, BCCI is free to determine the venue. Formats for the first three seasons
According to ITT information, the first three seasons (2023-25) will have 22 games each. During the WIPL league phase, each team will play his 2nd against the other team (20 games total), with the league leader going straight to the finals. He finished second in the league and his third-place team would play an eliminator to determine the second finalist.

BCCI also says March remains in his WIPL window. As of the 2026 season, the WIPL could include ’33-34′ games, but the BCCI has yet to finalize the details of the tournament structure.

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