WIPL prediction: Manchester United proprietors affirm hobby in WIPL

The owner of the Manchester United team, which has been bidding for a franchise in the Indian Premier League (IPL), has confirmed its interest in the women’s IPL. A representative of the owner told Cricbuzz on the sidelines of his ILT20 in Dubai, which owns the Desert Vipers team, that Avaram Glazer is serious about his WIPL.

“Having purchased the ILT20, it is only natural to look to other cricket opportunities around the world, including the women’s IPL,” said Desert Vipers CEO Phil Oliver on Friday (13 January) of the latter. As first reported by Cricbuzz, India’s Cricket Control Board (BCCI) will conduct an auction for the WIPL franchise on January 25th.

However, he declined to disclose whether he had purchased an ITT (Invitation To Tender) document, a requirement for site purchases. “I cannot give you details on how far this process has progressed, but I am happy to say that we are exploring all possibilities, including WIPL.The Indian market is interesting to us. Cricket fans in India are following the tournament to see what Desert Vipers bring to the table, if anything they bring an exciting brand of cricket to Indian fans as well as fans around the world I would like to,” said Oliver. ITT he will be available until January 21st. It is understood that BCCI has attracted a lot of attention in the Indian and overseas markets since recently launching WIPL franchise ITT. More than 20 of his parties, including most of his existing IPL franchises and those who failed to purchase his IPL side in 2021, are believed to have taken over his ITT, with Serious scrambling can occur.

The Glazer family was one of two new IPL team bidders who eventually went to Sanjiv Goenka (Lucknow Super Giants) and his CVC Capital (Gujarat Titans). His Avram Glazer, represented by Lancer Capital, has made bids worth Rs 4125.65 crore for his team in Ahmedabad and Rs 4023.99 crore for his team in Lucknow.

Oliver tried to distinguish between Manchester United and Avaram Glazer’s involvement in cricket. “To make the first distinction, it wasn’t Manchester United who considered the IPL team. The distinction is important. Lancer Capital’s Avaram Glazer bid for the IPL team during last year’s expansion. This company has purchased a franchise at ILT20, while Desert Viper and Manchester United are not represented here,” he explained.

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