wipl prediction: The USA will host an additional Fair break Global Invitational T20 2023 in September.

The United States will host an additional edition of the FairBreak Global Invitational T20 in 2023, and the tournament will be held twice a year in the future, with female cricketers from around the world participating.

The first season he will be held in Dubai in May 2022 in cooperation with Cricket Hong Kong and the second season will be held in Hong Kong from April 3 to He on 16 April this year. Another round of the tournament will be held in September in America.

The tournament, fully sanctioned by the ICC, brought together the best of her T20 women’s cricketers in a six-team event last year.

“By working together, FairBreak and USA Cricket support gender equality and the advancement of cricket for women and girls around the world. The US tournament will take place September 15-30 in Houston, Texas. Six teams will participate in his two events again this year, and the matches will be broadcast internationally. USA Cricket expects up to 12 of its best players to participate in September, compared to his six who played last year.

“We are very pleased to partner with FairBreak and bring the event here in the United States. I agree that it will be a great tournament for us!”

Martyn said the tournament provides a “truly global platform” to advance the game and change the lives of the many participating players. “It is exciting for all involved. Based on the experience of women cricketers, we have long known that both Asia and the Americas are important growth markets for women cricket. The potential for positive social impact across communities cannot be underestimated.”

WPL, Women’s U-19 World Cup and more – breakthrough year for women’s cricket?

The second season of the FairBreak Invitational has been changed from March to her April this year due to the Women’s Premier League (WPL), the first women’s IPL to be held in India in March. With the inaugural Women’s U19 T20 World Cup now underway, followed shortly by the Senior Women’s T20 World Cup in South Africa, followed by the WPL and two FairBreak Invitational T20 tournaments, 2023 will see growth in women’s cricket. could be a milestone in Additionally, programs for the second half of the year include Women’s Hundred, Women’s CPL, and WBBL.

The first edition of the Fair Break Invitational T20 had his 90 players from 35 countries divided into his 6 teams, but players from India participated as BCCI did not give them clean certificates did not do it.

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