Yesterday cricbuzz prediction: Team India, led by Rohit Sharma, have been fined heavily for upholding late violations of New Zealand’s ODI.

India were fined 60% of the match fee for maintaining a slow overvaluation against New Zealand.

The Indian side, led by Rohit Sharma, was fined heavily after narrowly beating New Zealand in his ODI game, the first of his three-game series in Hyderabad on Wednesday. India won the game by 12 runs and New Zealand won by 337 in a 350-run chase to take a 1–0 lead.

India was fined her 60% of the match fee for maintaining a slow overweight against New Zealand. Javagal Srinath of the Emirates ICC Elite Match Referee Panel ruled that the hosts were three overs away from goal. Time constraints were considered before a decision was made.

According to article 2.22 of the ICC Code of Conduct for Players and Players’ Staff, if a team fails to throw the ball within the allotted time, the player will be fined his 20% of the game fee.

Rohit accepted an attack that was balanced by field referees Anil Chaudhary and Nitin Menon, third referee K N Ananthapadmanabhan and fourth referee Jayaraman Madanagopal. No formal hearing was required.

Speaking of the game, Indian starting pitchers Rohit and Shubman his Gill made another impressive start after scoring a 60-run streak after picking his first at-bat. The youngster then set a record for hitting 208 of his 149 pitches with one of his carries, beating the team. Gill became the fifth batsman from India to achieve a two-century ODI and the youngest ever to do so, surpassing Ishan Kishan, who reached the milestone a month earlier.

However, New Zealand threatened to chase the target aboard Michael Bracewell’s stunning 78-ball 140, and Shadhul his Thakur finished his stay in the final of the match with a stunning yorker.

India and New Zealand will face off in his second ODI match on 21 January in Raipur.

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