Yesterday cricbuzz prediction: “X-Factor down, average”: Prasad accuses Team India’s Rohit Sharma of biased selection.

However, Venkatesh Prasad did not believe Rohit’s logic in choosing Shubman Gill over Ishan Kishan. Instead, he accused the Rohit-led team’s management of being biased in their selection, saying performance didn’t seem to be the primary selection criterion for the Indian side these days.

Former Indian pacesetter Venkatesh Prasad has blamed selector and team manager captain Rohit Sharma for dropping Ishan Kishan against Sri Lanka in Guwahati. Kishan scored the fastest double century in India’s final ODI against Bangladesh in December, replacing the injured Rohit Sharma, who was sidelined with a dislocated thumb. However, India have opted to face Shubham Gir in Tuesday’s opener against Sri Lanka. It was expected, as Rohit confirmed the same in his pre-match press conference.

“Both opening games went really well. But seeing how both opening games went, it’s fair to give Gil a chance to have a good run,” Rohit said ahead of the first game. .

To be fair, Gill, who for some strange reason did not participate in his three-game ODI in a row against Bangladesh, was one of India’s most run-scorers in the past year. He hit 687 runs in 13 innings, averaging 57-plus and batting 99-plus in his opening at-bat. “Gil, like Ishan, has scored a lot in the last few games. I don’t take anything away from him [Ishan]. I know what it takes to hit 2x,” said Rohit, the only hitter to hit 200x three times in the ODI.

“But to be honest and fair to those who have done really well before, we need to give them a full chance before making that decision.”

Rohit ended bad luck saying Ishan would get a chance as there are 15 ODIs and the Asian Cup ahead of the World Cup in October/November. “It’s a shame that Ishan won’t be able to play. But looking at how things have been going and how ODI has been going in the last 8-9 months, it’s fair to let Gil do it and he’s in this position. They are doing very well.

However, Rohit assured that Ishan remained very strong in the mix.

“Yes, Ishan will certainly miss it, which is very disappointing. But that doesn’t rule anything out. We’ll try to keep everyone on board and see what happens when we have a lot of games ahead. “

But Venkatesh Prasad did not believe his Rohit logic. Instead, he accused the management of the Rohit-led team of making biased choices, saying performance no longer seemed to be the main selection criterion for the Indian side these days.

“With India’s final ODI and a series where India lost two games and a series, consider it fair to give the men a chance. Though I spend time all the time around the world for Gil. , never drop a player who hits two tons.If you are confident playing Gill, you can let him hit three and have Ishan keep the Rahul wicket instead of KL.” he tweeted. The former pacesetter also cited India’s decision to choose KL Rahul over someone like Rishabh Pant at the ODI to reinforce the discrepancies in his choice.

“There is a reason why Limited over cricket has performed poorly. Constant hacking and brilliant execution, the X-Factor is dropped and mediocrity remains.

“In Eng, Punt scored 100 points in the final ODI and helped India win the series. However, due to T20 form, he was dropped from the ODI team. It fails consistently except for a few innings, but holds its place. Power is not the most important parameter. sad,” he added.

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