Yesterday cricket match prediction: Besieged South Africa Needs Domestic Renewal

Let the air in first. Back away. go for a walk think of other things. Because it used to be bad. Worse, I don’t feel that way now.For now, as Dean Elgar said in Melbourne on Thursday, ‘we have to keep reminding young people that they’re not crappy cricketers. .

He is right and maybe he wants to say the same to all South Africans who love cricket. But the truth is, Elgar and his team have had enough for his last two tests of the series in England in August and September, as well as his first two tests in Australia in the last 13 days. It wasn’t.

South Africa lost all four of these his games, usually because their striking power was fragile. They have lost 10 Tests in a row several times in the past, most recently from February to October 2019, losing twice at home to Sri Lanka and three times in India. Since the restart, in 2001/02 and 2005/06, South Africa have quickly lost five Tests. Both opponents were Australians, inflicting or joining the South Africans on two more lengthy losing streaks.

That’s why it hurts more than 2019. Losing to a ranker at home was a shock, but that’s what it meant when a determined opponent was given conditions to soften his weaknesses, with the game being played on the relatively slow surfaces of Kingsmead and St. Louis. George’s Park – Allows you to punch above your body weight. When Lankers returned in his December 2020 they saw him stunned by an innings and his 10 wickets in a fast-paced pitch for Centurions and Wanderers. India’s defeat in 2019 was not surprising.
South Africa have won only 5 of 19 Tests and 1 of 7 series.

South Africa have also consistently felt beaten by Australia more than any other team, both at home and away. Even England can’t do to them emotionally what the Australians can do.Like rival brothers, the South Africans go head to head with the Australians.

It’s a trend that’s preoccupied with cultural connections and contrasts, and the fact that many wealthy South Africans have escaped many of their own country’s problems by moving to Australia. For some South Africans, Australia is a working, successful version of what may have been their failed country. Go there to stay. Especially for Western Australia, which has a mature market for South African mining know-how. The first Afrikaans Church in Perth was founded in his 2004. There are now three congregations of the same denomination in the Perth area and another in Brisbane. Some of these community members will welcome South Africa’s victory over Australia in their third consecutive rubber game since 2008/09. The last time they had a losing streak was in January 2006. It only adds to the result, as does the tenderness of South Africa’s surrender.

“Last night I settled with that,” said Elgar after the Australian took 62.5 overs and won the nine wickets needed to sack South Africa for 204. , Victory Day at the MCG. “It was a difficult pill to swallow today and tomorrow.

“The downside outweighs the positive. It was a poor performance in conditions that led to good Test cricket. We are disappointed with how things ended. , wanted to see you proud of our wicket…it’s a shame how it turned out.”

Elgar attaches great importance to the virtues of courage and character. How often has he seen a team under 200 in 7 of the last 8 innings and allowed 400 and 500+ in 2 of those innings?

“I don’t think there were many. It was more on the ball. Even if the Australians knocked us to the ground.

South Africa have five days to regroup and reset before the third test begins at the SCG on Wednesday. His two home tests against the West Indies held in February and his March, as well as the visitor who needed to win, associated what would normally be dead his gum, June is oval. What message does Elgar spread to drag performers off the canvas? mind and 20% skill.”

He might also point out that with South Africa set to complete 28 tests in the next four-year cycle, some of them have the best chance of appearing in the global showcase. , what Elgar can say about his accusations is undermined by the current Constellation, where the South African player has played just seven games a season. Six Australian states will compete in the doubles round of the Sheffield Shield game, with the top two states in the table playing the final. How do you compete when you’re on the wrong side of this kind of imbalance? But Elgar had reason to hope things would change.
“I know there are plans to host more first-class cricket at home.”

He declined to elaborate, but South African Cricketers’ Association chief executive officer Andrew Brietzke told his Criccbuzz:
“At the SACA Annual General Meeting [on 30 November], the players resolved that the SACA would undertake a review of domestic cricket. I have concerns about this, which he will start in January. A key issue that has already been raised is that players are not playing good enough quality cricket. ”

When asked what Elgar said, CSA chief Porezi Moseki said:
“I think he meant rethinking the structure of the first class, including increasing the number of games the team plays. We’re working on it for next season.”

His 11 Australians in the MCG Test have played a total of 32 top league domestic games this year. South Africa appeared in his 21 appearances, with him more than a third less than his opponents. The Australian side has more Test caps for 2022. South Africa 114 to 82. The difference is more than 25%.

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