Yesterday cricket match prediction: “If your Man of the Match drops…”: Kapil Dev’s sharp remarks after Suryakumar Yadav’s tough call

Suryakumar Yadav’s goal of the century in the second T20I vs Sri Lanka was no surprise, but what happened next was certainly surprising. Fans and former cricketers alike were shocked when India did not include his SKY in their next match.

Not long ago, Suryakumar Yadav shone in another of his T20I Century, his third in India, all in six months. In his third T20I, he scored a glorious 112 draw against Sri Lanka at Rajkot. But while Suryakumar’s form wasn’t a surprise, what happened in the next game certainly was. Fans and former cricketers alike were shocked that India, his first ODI against the same opponent, did not select Suryakumar for their next match. The decision to ditch SKY and give the game to Shreyas Iyer instead was not accepted by the people. Former BCCI selector her chair Chris Srikanth even apologized to Surya on live television.

After India had already finished the series, Surya returned for the third ODI and was dismissed cheaply four times. Suryakumar was an absolute beast in the T20I, but he didn’t achieve the same success in the ODI. Of course his ODI match count in India last year has been less but this should change as his format takes precedence over 50 overs and thus he is surlyakumar’s form in a day becomes increasingly important. Part of this controversial treatment of Suryakumar stems from the fact that there is now too much competition with multiple players aiming for his one position. However, one way to solve this, according to Indian legend Kapil Dev, is to join different teams for each format. In his BCCI decision to shortlist a pool of 15 players for the World Cup, Kapil, India’s first-ever world champion, said that India’s cricket team would be better off in each format going forward. I think he will have three different players.

“I think it should be left to the cricket committee to decide what they (the selectors) plan to do. With so many cricketers coming, everyone needs to get a chance to play. From outside As you can see, they have three teams, one for T20I, ODI, and Test. That way you can have a bigger pool.

As for Suryakumar, whom Kapil recently praised for saying a hitter like him comes once in a hundred years, the decision to leave him was something the former Indian all-rounder could not understand. recently said it wanted to improve ODI, and now that it has its first test call, that commitment should be even stronger. Suryakumar hasn’t scored in a half century in his last 10 ODI innings, and hasn’t had a best-of-34 in November, but Kapil says that even after his 100th year, he’s still the best. I was still dumbfounded that I wasn’t in the game.

“But they should have a group of teams for a period of time. A stranger can be changed, it’s understandable. But when you drop Man of the Match (Suryakumar Yadav) the next day and someone else comes in, we cricketers don’t understand,” he stressed.

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