Yesterday cricket match prediction: Padikkal slams 114, Nadeem sackt Fifer

today’s highlights

Rohit Rayudu, his 90-pointer undefeated overnight, scored his 153* points as Hyderabad finished with 355 points in the first innings. Delhi remained steady at his 223/5, Yashdhull opened his 74-for-72 and Ayush Badoni was unbeaten for his 85-for-78.

Karnataka finished his second day in the lead, scoring his 300 in the first innings on his 114 for Devdutt Padikkal. Letting Shahbaz Nadeem pick a fiber, Jharkhand cut to a 136-run deficit and on the second day he finished 85/2, 51 runs ahead.

Sakibul Gani’s 191* and his Bipin Saurabh’s 117* helped Bihar to his 392/4 on day one of the plate final against Manipur. The duo are involved in an unbeaten streak of 286 runs as Manipur bowlers battle for a breakthrough on a quiet wicket at Patna.

His 90* for Karan Shinde made Andhra Pradesh 316 and in the first innings he had a lead of 248. Assam staggered with her 62/5 in her second essay.

Harpreet Singh’s 96 surged Chattisgarh’s overnight score from 273 to 531/9 (decl.). The bottom team also set the mood with important runs with Shabazz Hussain (40), Vashdev Bares (48) and Ravi Kiran (46). A half-century from Vijay Shankar (53) and Shahrukh Khan (50) means Tamil Nadu pitched 324 in the first innings.

Mumbai’s Prasad Pawar scored his 99* and put on a brave face before a relentless bowling attack from Maharashtra. Mumbai finished the day on 187/5, matching Maharashtra’s 384 earlier in the day.

bowling pick

Bhargav Bhatt’s five-wicket move saw Nagaland declared just 130 against his 561/6 at Baroda. This is made possible by Atit Sheth 140*.

Himanshu Sangwan picked 4 for 64 as Railways limited Gujarat to his 188/9 on the second day after accumulating 508 on the board. Pulkit Narang’s five-wicket pull gave them a 42-run lead on serve through Rajasthan in the first innings. Confident on his racket, the serve saw him finish his second day at 181/2, leading by 223 runs. Ravi Chauhan did not stand out at the age of 97.

Kerala’s Jalaj Saxena took 5 wickets on good track against his Puducherry in the first innings he batted 371 and Paras Dogra turned his century into a big one (159 ).

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