Yesterday cricketzine prediction: Rebel Vijay is breaking up

He was a rebel who left home in his formative years to find answers to the turbulent questions his mind posed. During this time he slept on sidewalks and parks and played snooker in his parlor as a hustler for a living.

He has come a long way since those search days. Now Murali Vijay finished his international career with his 3982 runs of 1200 in his 61 Tests at 38.28.

respect and dignity

No batsman from Tamil Nadu has scored more. And he leaves with respect and dignity intact.

In a statement on Monday, Vijay said:

He thanked BCCI, TNCA, Chennai Super Kings and Chemplast Sanmar for their support.

‘bad boy’

To understand Vijay, we have to go back to his early days when he failed his 12th standard exam. As a “bad boy,” he had to transfer eight schools before he was ranked 12th.

In an interview with Sportster, he said, “If you let a stray dog ​​out in the open, it will run for freedom. So it was with me ”

Vijay revealed, “He wanted to find himself, what he was made of, what he wanted out of his life.”

He hated school. “My heart was always on the floor outside the walls of the classroom.”


Cricket was his freedom. It challenged him. Even after becoming an established Indian player, he trained for hours in Chemplast nets under coach G. Jayakumar. The technical purity of the opener comes from this quest for perfection.

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