Best cricbuzz prediction today: Return of Bowler Shakib

Shakib Al Hasan has faced some criticism in recent years, with many in Bangladesh’s cricket community claiming he is past his prime as a bowler. In his T20Is last year, Shakib averaged 14 innings in which he took only 11 wickets and in economy he took 8. Ahead of his ODI series against India in December, Shakib was best two as he sacked eight wickets in his six matches of 50 overs. For 24 he averages 30.75 and economy he 4.24. He performed well in last year’s Test against Sri Lanka, picking up Fifer, but Shakib managed only one wicket in the Test series against the West Indies.

Shakib tried his in-run curve in his T20I series held in New Zealand, but did not have much luck as he went without a wicket in the series. He also had a poor run in the T20 World Championship in Australia, taking 5 wickets in 6 matches and finishing on an economy of 8.78, looking little threat in the global event. From June 2022 to the start of his series at home against India, the left-arm spinner played in all formats and in 15 international matches he managed only 10 wickets, averaging 44.70 and batting average 50.40.

Critics suggested that Shakib took bowling for granted and that his unwillingness to bowl the net only reinforced their claims. I felt he was unable to deliver because of the shortage. Shakib’s ideomotor training was also placed under the scanner. But bowler Shakib has looked promising since December when he surprised India with a five-wicket hole in the first ODI. Whether it was a subtle shift in tempo, accuracy or a precise armball plan, Shakib was back to his best in the opening game. took wickets but did not bowl the overs much.

Bangladeshi spin coach Rangana Herat told Cribbuzz that the reason for Shakib’s quick turnaround is that he has a strong mindset. , in the case of Shakib, he is very strong mentally, which is very important, so he can overcome it very quickly. Players don’t always succeed 100%. However, when he fails, he can quickly figure out what he needs to work on in order to make a quick comeback, which is a rare quality.

Herath believes Shakib has been trying to get more energy out of his body lately due to a shoulder injury.

“Well, throwing an arm ball is not easy when you have a sore shoulder, but I know that Shakib has a natural movement to throw an arm ball. I know,” Hellas said. . Like I said, he has a minor shoulder injury and when he has shoulder pain he needs to get more energy out of his body.

“He’s smart and everyone can have a hard time, but I think he handles those stages very well. I realized that it was in him,” Herat said.

After observing Shakib up close, Hellas says the left-arm man’s change in run-up increased the intensity of his bowling. “He challenges a lot of different things like sprinting and long distance running. I think the runup helps him a lot as well because he puts a lot of energy into following through and that’s the main thing I’ve really noticed is.

Herat adds that Shakib sticks to his strength and strives for accuracy, which has led to his success against India. “He kept most of the balls in the right place, quite simply. When I saw him beat Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli [in the first ODI], I was really impressed with his accuracy. Stick with it. Shakib I’ve always seen him maintain that form and great precision.

“Shakib is not the only one who I always tell spinners to put the ball in the right place and let the batsmen make mistakes. Especially in Test cricket, defense has to be challenged. I think Shakib is doing very well now and in the past and that’s why he’s been successful throughout his career,” added Herat.

Herath believes Shakib’s years of experience playing the game makes it very easy to transition from one format to another. Crackpot, a former Sri Lankan, adds that technically little has changed for Shakib, apart from some mental adjustments.

“I haven’t seen a big change in his ability, but he’s always changed his mindset and is ready to move to Test cricket from one day. This is very important. Prepare for the day that tests cricket. I don’t have much time to do it, but the idea is very important. Shakib is well aware that he has played a lot of cricket. It won’t be easy for other weirdos, but I’m sure Shakib has adapted very well.

“I always think that each individual prepares differently. Especially when it comes to Shakib, he has a lot of confidence and he has a lot of confidence in himself. Even if you’re not throwing the net when you’re out, the fistball always lands on the spot. I think you can improve if you work hard, but that is a personal matter and you just have to do what you have to do. And Shakib is confident,” he added.

According to Herath, Shakib’s greatest strength is his ability to play with a hitter’s mind. Although he doesn’t often spin the ball like a finger spinner, Herath says Shakib is skilled enough to make a hitter’s mind question.

“Obviously he’s playing with a 100% batsman mind and he has to play that mind game. I know the skills are equally good for many players, but with that strong mindset. I have to thank Shakib.”He has a very strong mindset. If there is a natural variation, one You’ll find that there’s always something to challenge the hitter, such as one spins, the other comes in, etc. Imagine yourself as the hitter, the ball spins, the ball comes in, so if raises a lot of doubts.”

Fortune his Barishal hopes to capitalize on Shakib’s recent achievements with the ball as the left-handed Shakib looks set to lead the team in his league next Bangladeshi Premier. Shakib was the tournament’s leading wicket taker with 122 wickets in 87 matches for the BPL and his side hopes to make up for his tally and lead them from the front line.

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