Cricketzine prediction: Without authenticity, the first SA20 promises fun

Wayne Parnell is 1.88 meters tall with a mustache and beard. These are useful attributes for anyone trying to pretend to be a Pretorian citizen. what about his Afrikaans?

“Not good,” Parnell told Cribbuzz, which could be an important admission for the man who will lead his Pretoria Capitals in his SA20 starting Tuesday. Big, hairy men are overrated in the city. According to the 2011 Census, he is 47.67% Afrikaans speakers. The national figure is 13.5%.

But Parnell’s lack of language is less noticeable in a team environment. Of his 18-man squad for the Capitals, the foreign squad of Phil Salt, Josh Little, Adil Rashid, Will Jacks, Jimmy Nysham and Ksal Mendis are unlikely to contain any Afrikaans words. It is low. Not even a swear word.
Cameron Delporte, Darin Dupavillon, Senurin Moussammy and coach Graham Ford hail from KwaZulu-Natal, where only 1.6% of the population speaks the language. One of Ford’s assistants, Dale Benkenstein, was born in Zimbabwe, which speaks less Afrikaans than KZN, where he grew up. Another assistant coach, Jack Kallis, confirmed Thursday that he speaks Afrikaans. Nonetheless, everyone is likely familiar with the Afrikaans word for the sword, and it is much more expressive than its English counterpart, and is therefore a pleasure to use. Still, 12 of the capital’s 21 players and coaches probably can’t speak “gesel met moedertaal sprekers om jou uitspraak te verbeter” in Afrikaans. That means chatting with her native speaker of the language to improve her pronunciation.

Will it matter? No he has 11 official languages ​​in South Africa. Non-English He talks about cricket in English, even a cricketer who grew up speaking any of the ten languages. For them, a cover drive is a cover drive, not a “dryfhou deur die dekveld”. If you ask them if you’re playing “punt effe tru”, they may have a hard time figuring out you mean backwards points.

What doesn’t need to be translated is how much is expected of the capital. Pretoria’s home cricket franchise, the Titans, have won six top-flight titles and share one title. They have been named Daily Champions six times and the T20 Kings seven times and are widely regarded as the best cricket organization in the country. Loftus Versfeld, Pretoria’s rugby stadium, is home to the former Northern Transvaal Blue Bulls Loftus Versfeld. The Bulls are the only South African franchise to win the Southern Hemisphere Super Rugby Championship, having won all three finals they reached. They quickly won 25 Curry Cups domestically behind 34 titles in the Western States.

A native of the sleepy Eastern Cape, Parnell now calls cosmopolitan Cape Town home. Geographically and culturally, it is far from conservative Pretoria. But he has his next challenge.
“Pretoria has a rich sporting history. It’s a very successful region. Being part of this team, you don’t have two options. We want to win because the people of Pretoria are winners. .

“But with Graham Ford and the rest of the coaching staff and players, it also brings my mindset and ideas on how we play. It’s important to get input from other members of the team. Because we all see and play games differently.”

Roelof van der Merwe took the opposite journey to Parnell. A native of Johannesburg, he has made 222 appearances across all formats for the Titans and Northerns, while in South Africa he has made 26 appearances before moving to the Netherlands where he has made 42 appearances since 2015. He’s Sunrisers He’s Eastern He’s going to play Cape. Did he feel at home?

“I always liked coming here because it’s always easy to spin,” Vandel said at a news conference on Thursday at Merwe’s new home in St. He George’s He Park’s course. alluded to the characteristics of “But we are used to adapting to different floors and different areas, even playing in Johannesburg, Pretoria, etc. It’s part of the game these days. I have to do my best for

Do realities such as language and geography somehow apply to something as unreal as SA20? Like many other tournaments of this kind, this tournament was created for television and sponsorship It’s a product created that pits created teams against each other to win prizes that didn’t exist not so long ago…and for no other reason than to generate revenue. It’s as authentic as Benoni-born Charlize Theron’s American accent.

The TV commercials produced to promote the Games are certainly not without imagination. When he sees David Miller shirtless except for the pink patch on his nipples, he can’t help but notice it. Or a Quinton de Coc with an admiral’s hat, a brocade coat, and bright feathered angel wings. Or Aiden Markrum in steampunk goggles. Or Lungi Ngidi stood up as a Roman soldier…or Tabraiz Shamsi speaking into a shoe phone.
“AB? Call me back. We’re filming.”

Of course, this is not seen on the field of his SA20. Except when Shamushi wears shoes and pretends to be on the phone. However, his first two days of the third game were limited to 131 overs and despite weather reaching 475/4, darkness returned from Sydney to South Africa where Australia maintained their Test series dominance. It suggests much more fun than coming. Eight members of the visiting XI will play at SA20. I can imagine they wouldn’t mind if the plane next landed him in the outfield of the SCG in three days, keeping them away from less relevant, happier things.

It’s like counting how many people speak Afrikaans. Van der Merwe was born an Afrikaner. Is that how it is now that he’s European? “I still have some Afrikaans in me. Much less, but I can force it.” And he always curses properly.

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