Best cricbuzz prediction: Van Niekerk is noisy, Dercksen of the Tri-Serie, Macheke

All-rounder Annere Dercksen and wicketkeeper Tebogo Macheke are the two off-cap players for the 17-man South Africa squad, captained by Sune Luss, in the upcoming trio of matches against hosts India and the West Indies. am. The series will be South Africa’s first international appearance since attending the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham last July.

Dane van Niekerk is not part of the team because he “failed to bid to meet the national benchmark standards for physical battery ratings and therefore did not qualify for selection”. will be absent to recover from an injury.

“Dane is developing very well and is a step in the right direction,” she said. Unfortunately, she did not meet the country’s minimum standards and is therefore ineligible for selection.We will continue to work on her fitness to continue the 3 series and assess her fitness for the World Championships.

Regarding the choice of Dirksen and Macheek, Du Prise added:
“The included uncapped players have been part of the recent camp and have grown tremendously. An all-rounder, Annelly brings a lot of depth and diversity within the team to the roster. We’ve been working hard and plan to add additional options as wicket keepers and it’s great that they are a part of it.

“They have improved a lot and I am looking forward to their involvement and how we can maximize their potential on the team. It’s a great opportunity to score goals in two locations, India and the West Indies, and will test both players’ resilience. “

The 3 series will begin on his January 19th when South Africa will play India. All three teams will meet him twice before the final on February 2, with all matches being played at East London’s Buffalo Park.

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