Best cricket match prediction: Ranji Trophy: Karnataka Pacers pool Rajasthan at 129 on day one.

In a field that provided movement and bounce, Vyshak (4/50), Koushik (4/37) and Kaverappa (2/12) bowled Rajasthan for 129 in 45.3 overs.

Karnataka’s pacesetters Vyshak Vijaykumar (4-50) and his V. Koushik (4-37) were on the first day of Ranji his Trophy Elite Group C match here at Alor (II) Cricket Stadium on Tuesday. It delivered a crushing blow to knock out Rajasthan.

On a pitch that provided movement and bounce, Vyshak and Koushik blew Rajasthan out of the water. Rajasthan were bowled out for 129 in 45.3 overs, with neither of the visiting batsmen challenged. Vyshak and Koushik annoyed the hitters by holding them long enough off the stump. The guys behind the bat had a busy day as the edges were thick and they flew fast.

Vidwath Kaverappa picked up his two wickets and completed his sweep of the Karnataka fast bowlers clean.

Karnataka moved him to 106 for 2 by the end of the game.

The writing was on the wall as Rajasthan lost his four wickets in the first session. The wicket of the opener K.S. Rathore (33, 54b, 5×4, 1×6) fell in his fourth and opened the floodgates. Rathore seemed calm, but with a sharp glare at Vyshak he made a mistake as he offered R. Samarth a slip catch.

Shortly after lunch, Captain Ashok Maneria was late to the course ahead of Vishak.

All hope of a resurgence in Rajasthan rested on Karan his Ramba, who had scored a century in the previous match. Like Rathore, Lamba looked comfortable until Nikin Jose caught a loose drive on Gully.

Going from 104 to 6, Rajasthan immediately folded.

Karnataka’s opener Samarth scored 81 as he scored 81 with his third century in his last four games, but was sent off for 8 by Aniket Chowdhury. Samarth’s unfortunate reaction showed the ball hitting his pad.

Devdutt Padikkal (32, 47b, 5×4) has shown his class in his return to cricket competition. Paddickal, who was out for three months due to illness, was impressed with top-notch cover drives and straight drives. With half an hour remaining, Padickal gained an inside edge and was bowled by Choudhary.

Captain Mayank Agarwal is 49 and undefeated. Mayank received a life when he was 22 and to the wicketkeeper he took one. The batsman was recalled when it turned out that the bowler stepped over Arafat Khan. Incidentally, Mayank benefited from a similarly lucky scenario in his match against Goa a few weeks ago.


Rajasthan – 1st innings: Yash Kothari c Gowtham b Kaverappa 0, K.S. Rathore c Samarth b Vyshak 33, Mahipal Lomror c Devdutt Padikkal b Koushik 0, Aditya Garhwal lbw Kaverappa 19, Ashok Menaria c Sharath b Vyshak 12, Karan Lamba c Jose b Koushik 31, SV Joshi b Koushik 5, Manav Suthar b Vyshak 0, Arafat Khan c Pandey b Vyshak 6, Rituraj Singh (n.o.) 10, Aniket Choudhary c Padikkal b Koushik 4; Extras (lb-9): 9; Total (in 45.3 overs): 129.

Fall of wickets: 1-0, 2-9, 3-51, 4-53, 5-86, 6-104, 7-105, 8-115, 9-119. Karnataka bowling: Kaverappa 8-4-12-2, Koushik 17.3-5-37-4, Vyshak 14-4-50-4, Gowtham 6-1-21-0.

Karnataka -1st innings: R. Samarth c Rathore b Choudhary 8, Mayank Agarwal (batting) 49, Devdutt Padikkal b Choudhary 32, Nikin Jose (batting) 10; Extras (b-4, lb-1, nb-2): 7; Total (for two wkts., in 30 overs): 106.

Fall of wickets: 1-14, 2-88.

Rajasthan bowling: Choudhary 10-2-40-2, Rituraj 10-3-27-0, Arafat 9-1-32-0, Suthar 1-0-2-0.

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