Cricket match report today: Ranji Trophy: Saurashtra takes control after sacking Hyderabad for 79 on day one

Hyderabad’s batting problems continued this season as Saurashtra bowled the home side for 79 on the opening day of the Ranji Trophy Elite Group B match at Hyderabad’s Gymkhana Ground on Tuesday.

Hyderabad scored a hit and saw captain Tanmey Agarwal (2) play his 50th lunge of his match.

Soon he saw Unadkat put his Alankrit Agarwal (7) into the lead against his Arpit Vasavada and on the 14th the Saurashtra captain struck again to miss out-form debutant T. Santosh Goud (4). bottom. Caught on the left to put Hyderabad in trouble 20-3.

Hyderabad never really recovered from their early hits on the never-playable pitch, and all that was needed was a disciplined approach that Hyderabad’s batsmen once again sorely lacked. Medium-paced Chirag Jani put Chandan Sahani straight into the hands of fielders on a cover drive, and Rohit Rayudu was declared a butt-pad catch ahead of Yuvraj Singh Dodiya in the 25th over, making it 51-6. rice field.

Openers Harvik Desai (81, 108b, 12×4) and Chirag Jani (68, 91b, 11×4, 1×6) appeared to be playing on different pitches when Saurashtra scored.

When expensive left arm spinner Anikes Reddy caught Bavesh Seth’s Chirag and later also killed Harvik Desai, needed to execute the first punch, lbw explained to the same bowler.

Rohit Rayudu scored his two goals in the final session, Arpit Vasavada (9) and he sacked Samarth Vyas (0), giving hope to the team. However, Sheldon his Jackson looked dangerous (59 shots, 61b, 5×4, 4×6) and had already helped Saurashtra extend their lead to 171 runs on his 5 wickets.


Hyderabad – 1st innings

Tanmay Agarwal b Unadkat 2, K. Rohit Rayudu c Samarth b Yuvrajsinh 23, Alankrit Agarwal c Vasavada b Unadkat 7, T. Santosh Goud c Vasavada b Unadkat 4, Chandan Sahani c Sakariya b Chirag 2, Bhavesh Seth b Sakariya 3, T. Ravi Teja c Chirag b Dharmendrasinh Jadeja 8, Bhagath Varma c Pujara b Dharmendrasinh Jadeja 11, M. Shashank c Jackson b Yuvrajsinh 5, G. Aniketh Reddy not out 10, Mohammad Abrar c Desai b Dharmendrasinh Jadeja 0.

Extras: (b-4) 4

Total: (all out in 30.5 overs) 79.

Fall of wickets: 1-2, 2-16, 3-20, 4-23, 5-34, 6-51, 7-59, 8-68, 9-79, 10-79

Saurashtra bowling: Unadkat 8-0-29-3, Sakariya 9-5-8-1, Chirag 4-1-7-1, Yuvrajsinh 5-0-23-2, Mankad 1-0-1-0, Dharmendrasinh Jadeja 3.5-0-8-3.

Saurashtra – 1st innings

Harvik Desai lbw Aniketh 81, Chirag Jani c Bhavesh b Aniketh 68, Cheteshwar Pujara c Sahani b Aniketh 25, Sheldon Jackson batting 59, Arpit Vasavada c Bhavesh b Rohit Rayudu 9, Samarth Vyas c Alankrit b Rohit Rayudu 0, Dharmendrasinh Jadeja batting 3

Extras: (nb-5) 5

Total: (for five wkts in 54 overs) 250

Fall of wickets: 1-140, 2-167, 3-193, 4-218, 5-222

Hyderabad bowling: Ravi Teja 5-1-28-0, Abrar 5-0-23-0, Aniketh 19-4-74-3, Shashank 10-3-48-0, Bhagath 11-0-57-0, Rohit Rayudu 4-0-20-2.

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