Betway cricbuzz prediction: Rahane lashes out at five days of first-class matches, Bawne wants new scoring system

Mumbai captain Ajinkya Rahane believes that in the future all first-class matches can be changed to five-day matches to guarantee results. Now, the Ranji Trophy group stage lasts his four days, with knockouts spanning his five days.

After the draw with Maharashtra, Rahane suggested that the youngsters could benefit from playing all first-class matches over the five days if the calendar allowed.

He said, “First-class cricket can be five days of cricket. Five days of test matches, five days of almost guaranteed results. Get more results. Every match should be result oriented,” said Rahane.

“His four-day game on a flat deck really doesn’t yield any results. I tried to get as many results as I could, but it became difficult. This is what we see more often in Five Days cricket.” occurs. I’m not sure how it fits into the calendar, but five days of cricket will likely accustom local cricketers to the rigors of first-class cricket.

Rahane believes this will help the young cricketer get used to Test his cricket and ultimately improve their game. “Playing one session can save a match for four days of games, but if you need to play three more sessions, it will be a better opportunity to develop better test cricketers. .You can automatically transfer to international cricket.How you survive a session, how you throw the ball with discipline, all these factors can be taken into account when playing all matches of the Ranji Trophy over 5 days. .”

Bourne dissatisfied with the “bonus points” rule

Under the current rules, a team is awarded 3 points for a single lead, and 6 points for an overall victory. Bonus points are also given if a team wins by an innings or 10 wickets.

Maharashtra captain Ankit Bawne wants to change that rule. “I think BCCI should look into the scoring system. If bonus points matter so much, people start making pitches where the game ends in two days. I think we should,” Bawne said. “Whoever wins should keep going. That’s my take on it. ”

But more than bonus his points, Rahane believes overselling is a problem in first-class cricket that needs to be addressed.

“First-class cricket has inflated odds. On the fourth day the bowling teams always try to throw throw overs and this happened to us. , the team’s bowling is seen taking its time to finish the over.In home cricket, if the bowling team does not complete its over, its points can be cut. If they lose points, it will have an impact,” Rahane said.

The Mumbai captain said, “I’m not sure about the bonus points, but if a team does not complete 90 overs within the given period, the team will have to deduct points for trying to throw the overs in the allotted time. there is,” he said. .

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