Online cricket match prediction: Rahane: Playing as a unit is without a doubt essential

It has been seven years and six seasons since Mumbai won their last Runge Trophy title. Although they finished second last season, expectations were high this time with Ajinkya Rahane leading the team.

But it also turned out to be a disappointing season as the 41-time champion’s team failed to reach the quarterfinals.Despite some brilliant individual performances, the team stepped up when it mattered most. Unable to do so, Rahane believes that players should put the team first.

“There are a lot of areas we need to focus on,” said Rahane after playing the final group match against Maharashtra on Friday. “Fitness is important to them. If they can work on fitness, if they can think about playing for the team [that would be beneficial]. But overall, it’s something you want to do well for the team,” Rahane said.

“There is no one greater than your team, so this is a great lesson for all of them. I think fitness and playing together is very important.”

Several Mumbai cricketers – Puris Visho, Rahane, Sarfaraz He Khan, Sham Sumrani – had a good show in recent weeks but the side missed his stage by knockouts. “I am very disappointed that we did not qualify for the round of 16. This bunch definitely takes red ball cricket seriously.My message to all of you is to enjoy 4 Day Cricket. Everyone wants instant success, but patience, focus and determination are key in this format,” he said.

Rahane believes it’s important for young people to maintain discipline on and off the field. “You have to enjoy all aspects of your daily life, not just on the field, but getting up early, warming up, going through hardships without performance, four days of discipline, and supporting your teammates. It doesn’t matter just picking wickets or anything, it’s temporary, but the real fun is following the daily process,” he said.

“Things don’t go as planned in a couple of games, but there are a lot of people who enjoy pulling it off in a red ball format. And I told everyone to enjoy every moment because this is real cricket. ”

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