Yesterday cricket match report: Ranji Trophy: Ajith shines with the ball as Tamil Nadu beat Saurashtra on day four

He flies like a butterfly and stings like a bee – as the Immortal Words of Muhammad Ali happily say.

Indeed, Ajith Ram Bowling offers a delightful picture. A slouching run-up, a slow high-arm action, an easy body behind the ball his release, and powerful wrist and finger rotations.

kiss of death

Flight is attractive. For dough, it is often the kiss of death.

Indeed, his motto was “kill gently.” Left-arm spinner Ajith followed his nine-wicket match success against Assam in Tamil with his Nadu defeating Saurashtra, followed by 266, and his fourth-day lunge at Chepauk to win his trophy. In the clash he scored 59 runs. For Saurashtra, opener Harvik crushed Desai with composure and composure, footwork and timing, soft hands and declining wicket swipe skills, scoring a heroic 101 (205b, 10×4, 3×6).

Ajit posted his 54-for-6, derailing Saurashtra and allowing the hosts to finish the season on a high with a streak in the Elite B League. Tamil Nadu scored 21 points. Saurastra has already qualified at his 26th year.

A worrying stage for Tamil Nadu came when Desai and Arpit Basavada scored his 89 runs for five wickets off his 187 balls. Offers had turn-and-bounce, and some delivery was limited. It takes the necessary commitment, calculated risk-taking and a little bit of luck.

Desai used his legs to gracefully dodge and dodge. He also manipulated the ball and he came down three times to loft M. Siddharth his twice and Ajith. “Best Inning”

He later said, “This is my best innings in first-class cricket. The course was very challenging.”

Basavada (45, 88b, 3×4), a well-organized southpaw, fell against left-arm spinner Siddharth and succumbed to a cut. A breakthrough has been made. Ajith then took over.

Ravindra Jadeja, showing intent, tried to sweep Ajith Ram backwards, but was restrained on the run. key hit. Man of the Match was Ajit Ram.

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