Cricbuzz prediction: ‘There were times when I wanted to give up’ – on Shaheen’s grueling rehab

Shaheen Afridi has taken multiple comeback trails in the last six months. And they all had nasty knees that first flared up in a clumsy landing trying to defend the border in the goal test with Sri Lanka. A recovery and rehabilitation program followed. His rhythm took a downward turn, but in the final moments of a hard-fought final at the MCG, Shaheen was hooked to free Harry Brooke. He injured his knee again and was put back into rehabilitation mode.

After confirming all the conditions for his return to competition, the 22-year-old Quick can now focus fully on the Pakistan Super League, where he captains his Callanders, defending champions Lahore. But his acclaimed return is both a look into the future and a reflection. “There were times when I wanted to give up,” Shaheen told his PCB Digital. “I’ve only worked on one muscle on him and it hasn’t improved. I used to tell myself during rehab.

“But then I saw myself bowling on YouTube and saw how well I was doing and that motivated me and told myself to push a little more… It’s frustrating when a fast bowler can’t play cricket because of an injury. “

During the injury stage, the remarkably fast bowler missed out on a national team appearance. He was banned from all appearances after the Asian Cup, his T20I slag his fest of seven games against England, and the World Cup. In total, Shaheen missed his 15 matches in Pakistan, which greatly reduced his chances in those matches.

“It’s hard to miss a home game with an injury,” he said. “I had even missed the England T20I seven times before the home test season. Bowlers are judged by their performance in Test cricket, so they wanted to win wickets against England. ”

However, Shaheen remained in contact with the team’s relatively inexperienced bowling team. The team had a particularly difficult start to the cricket Test against a free-running England side led by Ben Stokes and Brendon McCallum. “I was in contact with them on the phone. He also kept in touch with other bowlers who played in the Test. “When I was watching the match (of the Multan test) I thought [I want to wear Pakistani colors] but our tailor couldn’t finish the match. and I wanted to finish the game for Pakistan.Even when they (England) were scoring a lot of goals, I wanted to contribute with the ball.

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