cricket live score today: Ranji Trophy Round 3 Live Update Day 2 Live Results: Hyderabad takes the lead, Tamil Nadu plans early strike

Ranji Trophy Round 3 Live Update:
Get live score updates and breaking news from his day 2 third round match of the Ranji Trophy 2022-23.

Delhi vs Tamil Nadu, Elite Group B

Delhi 212/6

Hyderabad vs Assam, Elite Group B

Assam 205 all out, Hyderabad 78/3

Andhra vs Maharashtra, Elite Group B

Maharashtra 200 all out, Andhra 58/2

Odisha vs Haryana, Elite Group A

Haryana 306/5

Mumbai vs Saurashtra, Elite Group B

Saurashtra 1289 all out | Mumbai 36/2

Goa vs Karnataka, Elite Group C

Karnataka 294/3

Puducherry vs Rajasthan, Elite Group C

Rajasthan 333/9

Kerala vs Chhattisgarh, Elite Group C

Chhattisgarh 149 all out | Kerala 100/2

Nagaland vs Bengal, Elite Group A

Nagaland 166/9

Tripura vs Punjab, Elite Group D

Punjab 62/1

Jharkhand vs Services, Elite Group C

Services 326/6

Uttarakhand vs Himachal Pradesh, Elite Group A

Himachal 49 all out | Uttarakhand 295/6

Vidarbha vs Jammu and Kashmir, Elite Group D

J &K 191 all out | Vidarbha 58/2

Railways vs Madhya Pradesh, Elite Group D

Railways 274 all out

Gujarat vs Chandigarh, Elite Group D

Chandigarh 247/7

Baroda vs Uttar Pradesh, Elite Group A

Uttar Pradesh 225/7

Sikkim vs Mizoram , Plate

Mizoram 225/7

Meghalaya vs Bihar, Plate

Bihar 247/7

Arunachal Pradesh vs Manipur, Plate

Arunachal Pradesh 233 all out

First day report:
Ranji Trophy 2022-23:
Kak, Ravi Teja Shine As Hyderabad Tames Assam

Hyderabad pacers Karthikeya kak and T. Ravi Teja put on an impressive show in bowler-friendly conditions, with a four-day lunge for his Trophy Elite as he was sent off for 205 on the first day of his group, captain Tanmay. justified Agarwal’s decision to field Assam. B- There is a match here on Tuesday at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium.

Accordingly, the home side were 78-3 at the end of the game.

Ravi Teja scored the first shot, clearing the opener and captain Kunal Saikia in three overs, and Kak Siddharth snicked a slip fielder to Salma in the sixth. Soon, Kak Rahul moved Hazarika into a smart catch on the first slip when a hitter edged one off him in the delay. Wickets continued to fall at regular intervals, with Ravi Teja (53-4) and Kak (43-3) clearly enjoying themselves on pitches with a touch of grass.

But today, there was one hitter who stood out from the rest. It was his gritty No.8 Salpam Purkayasta (83, 88b, 11×4, 3×6) that saved the team on the 85-6 stage.

It was only when he was left with the last man on the other side that Sarpam enjoyed his ability to play big game.

He went into the loft with a straight 6 and hit a left-arm spinner, Tanay Thyagarajan. Tanay hyagarajan was disappointed today as well. Big he was long on 6 overs and soon Ravi he slashed Teja over point and easily hit his cut on the upper end. But Assam didn’t have much to rave about his innings.

Hyderabad fielded his three debutants in off-spinner Bagus Varma who bowled Akash Sengupta, Sam Hisreddy and Bavesh Seth.

In response, the home side suffered an early setback when Tanmay Agarwal flicked pacemaker Akash Sengupta to the short-legged outfielder. Samhith was surprised by Pacer’s Muktar’s extra jump, but Akash saw Sengupta dive behind the bowler and land his catch.

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