Cricket match report yesterday: Ranji highlights: Deepak Hooda and Manav Stahl Injure Puducherry

Nishant Sindhu shined with Cuttack on the first day against Orissa, giving Haryana early honors in the duel. The youngster, who was recently named to the Chennai Super Kings in an IPL auction, posted an unbeaten 142 and at times he saved Haryana who was struggling with 91/4. Ultimately, Haryana lands on the board with his 306/5 and imagines the potential to post a huge sum of money.

Former Mumbai wicketkeeper An attacking unbeaten 91 from his bat Aditya Tare helped Uttarakhand recover and scored a strong first day total against Himachal Pradesh. At one point, Uttarakhand was 118/4 for him, but Tare fought back, making it 91 after just 117 balls. His partnership with Abhay Negi helped the batting side enter the stumps with 295/6.

Deepak Hooda and Manav Star played their racquets in an eventful opening day against Puducherry. Despite the early sacking of the Rajasthan top order, Hooda fought back and he smashed four sixes and eight fours, and by just six runs he missed a ton. Puducherry then fought back to reduce Rajasthan to 238/9, but a final wicket stand surprised the bowling side in the final session. Manav Suthar cleared the ropes his fifth, going undefeated by just 87 balls to stumps on 95 balls and drawing Rajasthan to his 333/9.

The home side drew 212/6 against Tamil Nadu on an attractive first day in Delhi. L Vignesh missed his Anuj Rawat with his 3 and Yash Dhull with a duck but Dhruv Shorey came on for Delhi. After he scored over 400 runs in the previous match, Shorey has been patiently scoring alongside John Sindhu for half a century. Sandeep his Warrior then helped his TN Claw back into contention and the Pacer even took the all-important wicket from Shorey for 67 as the team shared day one honors .

The top three Karnataka set the tone early in their clash with Goa and worked together to help the batting side break through the stumps of 294/3. Openers R Samarth and Mayank Agarwal put 116 for the first wicket before the latter fell to 50. Samarth then teamed up with his Vishal Onat to keep Goa at bay for almost the entire day. Samarth continued to count starts, striking out 140 and Onat finished undefeated with his 73.

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Shams Mulani was the star of the day for Mumbai on day one of their match against Saurashtra. Mulani initially fired the well-adjusted Sheldon Jackson for 47 before quickly injuring Saurashtra with his two hits. Arpit Vasavada helped Saurashtra recover but Mulani removed him at the last minute to end Saurashtra’s innings. Mumbai lose to Stumps in their opening match and rely on a strong Middle Order core to save them on day two.

Uttarakhand’s starting bowler, Deepak Dhapola, took his 8 wickets while Himachal Pradesh had just 49 wickets. In HP he was only Ankit Kalsi to achieve a double-digit mark (26). In response, UTK had him 295 to 6 and he was already ahead by 246. Nitish Reddy’s 5 wicket hole saw Maharashtra out of the tournament after just 200 on the first day. Nitish’s scalp included his Ruturaj Gaikwad in the opener. He also sacked skipper Ankit Bone and top scorer Saurab Navale threatening to increase his score further by posting a 70. Andhra lost the opening game in which he scored 58 runs.

Avesh Khan played with the ball on the first day, giving Madhya his Pradesh an early advantage against Railways. Avesh attacked in the first fall to give the railroad an early shock, then added two more wickets in the middle while the MPs attacked regularly. The Railways rallied from his 128/5 and finally Avesh added to the tally and he finished 4 fars while his opponents were bowled out for 274.

The ever-impressive Jalaj Saxena made another comeback with the ball for Kerala to take the lead in their clash with Chhattisgarh. The away team endured a torrid period on the racket, regularly losing wickets. could not He picked 2 wickets in 1 over and destroyed their middle order before removing the last man to complete 5 furs. Chhattisgarh were bowled out for just 149 before Kerala patiently hit back his 100 runs.

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