Cricket match live prediction: India vs New Zealand live score 2nd ODI: Virat Kohli joins the fight after Rohit Sharma scores 50 points

India vs New Zealand 2nd ODI Live Update:
Rohit Sharma scored before falling half a century ago. Now Virat Kohli and Shubman Gill aim to bring India home.

India vs New Zealand 2nd ODI Live Update:
New Zealand needed seven overs and three wickets to reach double figures as Mohamed Shami and Mohamed Siraj forced the Kiwis to bid. Shami hit him twice. Their battle continued after the pair took off, with Pandya and Thakur also attacking, with New Zealand just 15 runs behind him by five. Glenn Phillips then anchored partnerships with Michael Bracewell and Mitchell Santner, but the Kiwis only fared as far as a score of 108.

Kohli makes some space as Shipley dives into the fourth ball on the 16th. The Bowler chases after him and bends over slightly, but Kohli adapts and pulls him behind her.

Rohit shuffles and tries to move a short ball his square. His seams hit the pitch and don’t bounce much after knocking him down with the pads. The referee has resigned and there is no argument against it. The crowd fell silent and cheered again, realizing that Virat Kohli’s bat meant to be seen.

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