Cricket match report today: Ranji Trophy: Mumbai-Maharashtra tied after 1st inning, Andhra can advance to quarter-finals

Mumbai tied with Maharashtra in the first innings on Thursday at Mumbai’s Brabourne Stadium.

Chasing Maharashtra’s staggering 384 runs, Mumbai restarted the third day with his 5-for-187 and wicket-keeper Prasad Pawar continued to hunt the team in his first first-class century. But Prasad dropped to 145 before all-rounder Tanoush Kotian went on his own for Mumbai.

Kotian took the team from 306 to 7, putting Mumbai (23) within reach and Pip he took his 3-point lead from Maharashtra (25). Kotian he hit 91 and Maharashtra spinner Vicky he sneaked in two runs before he was put away by Ostwal, leaving the team with a score of 384 even in the first innings. The result jeopardized both teams’ hopes of reaching the Quarters as Andorra beat Assam in an innings to score seven points, 26 behind elite Group B Mumbai and Maharashtra.

How can Andhra qualify ahead of Mumbai and Maharashtra?

Due to the playing conditions of the BCCI Multi-Day Tournament, if teams are tied, the number of bonus points earned by him will be the first points considered.

If Friday’s Mumbai vs Maharashtra match ends in a draw, Maharashtra will draw against Andhra on his 26 points and Mumbai will finish on his 24 points.

In a scenario like this, Andhra would go ahead with a bonus point in this round, as in his six rounds before Maharashtra he failed to pull off a seven-point victory. Interestingly, the draw in the first innings was only the tenth event in the history of the Ranji Trophy. Early in the tournament, Bihar and Sikkim tied the score in the first innings during the plate group match at Patna.

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