Cricketzine prediction: Padma Shri, Legendary Trainer, Gurucharan Singh’s hat’s newest feather

Padma Shri is a well-deserved honor for Gurucharan Singh, one of India’s best cricket heads.

His ability to spot talent has produced some outstanding players in Indian cricket, but he has rarely made this his own.

“I just lead them. They perform and bring me joy. My role is not as extensive and demanding as hers,” Gurcharan modestly replied to his Sportsstar. I was. He was the first to arrive at the National Stadium and the last to leave in the dark, attended by his dedicated ground staff and sometimes even a few athletes. I meant a training center. He single-handedly created a kindergarten in the capital for cricketers to learn the basics of the game.

In the early 1980s, the National Stadium was the venue for many other sports, but became unacceptable for other sports when a cricket ball hit a basketball, volleyball or gymnastics trainee. Gurcharan persuaded the authorities to move the rest and leave the field to cricketers alone. It was in 1981-82 when the coaching revolution started in Delhi.

Gurcharan spent his time tending the soil and creating excellent pitches for practice. Midfield was beautiful – for both batsmen and bowlers. The 1987 India was the venue for his team’s Reliance World Cup camp. In 1996, the West Indies and Sri Lankan World Cup teams trained at the Gurucharan facility. He was very proud of the praise he received from many famous international cricketers.

He was born in West Pakistan in his 1935 and emigrated to India with his parents in 1947. He was a leading cricketer for South Punjab and Indian Railways, and in 1969 he became a qualified NIS coach, a position he held until 1995.

Surender Khanna, Kirti Azad, Maninder Singh, Vivek Razdan, Kartik Murali, Ajay Jadeja, Gursharan Singh, Gagan Khoda, Rahul Sanghvi, Nikhil Chopra, Sunil Valson and Vijay Mehra (UAE) are among his highly educated Gurcharan trainees. was one of his He also refined left-arm spinners Pradeep Jain and Sukhvinder Singh, who had made a name for themselves in domestic cricket. His list includes hundreds of cricketers who have played in various states of the country. Indian Grandmaster Kapil Dev has always looked forward to the facilities at the National Stadium. “Gurcharan Singh has done a wonderful job as a coach and teacher not just for me but for a dozen international cricketers and hundreds of top-flight cricketers,” said Kapil, a seasoned cricket guru. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to

The 1987 Dronacharya Prize was followed by a cricket quota with the Indian Cricket Control Board (BCCI) and a stint in the Maldives, but Gurucharan’s prize came in many forms. A player with a premium cap made him happy…but he was “thrilled” when his ward got a job.

From providing playground equipment to paying school fees for many of the poor trainees, Gurcharan was respected in Delhi’s cricket circles and beyond the capital. I know he took his trainees to exams and interviews, rode their bikes and made sure they looked their best. He has asked various employers to give his students jobs on sports assignments, and the list of grateful students is endless.

“I never asked for honors. When they came, it was because I was blessed with some excellent students. His annual trips to England, Wales and Scotland with the Derry Blues team were educational for young cricketers on life lessons and the development of cricket culture within the team.

Gurucharan is easy-going, willing to help even strangers, and never compromises on his discipline and work ethic. He once refused to comply with demands from powerful parliamentarians to provide batting sessions at the expense of trainees. was dismissed. “If I hadn’t been strict, the training center would have suffered because Delhi is full of influential people who unfairly demand exclusive access to the site. Gurcharan, 87, is reporting at his academy in a school in East Delhi at 5:30 am. His loyal ground staff help prepare the fields and seats for the many boys and girls who flock “ready” to receive his blessing. and guidance.

He recently took part in playing cricket at his academy, founded by one of his beloved trainees, Sukhvinder his Singh. “I was shocked when he insisted on hitting it and I was stunned when I saw him steal a single. He fought for a while too. What an inspiration to all of us he was. I guess they keep going,” said Sandeep Joshi, a former Haryana cricketer. Not one to rest on his laurels of the past, Gurucharan humbly accepted the newly acquired position of Padma Shri that would shape his career. Padma The morning after his list was announced, he attended the academy at his Arwachin Bharti Bhawan School. The journey of this humble and famous cricket guru continues.

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