Exact cricbuzz prediction: “Today I was told that the pacemaker could only throw 30 pitches…”: Kapil Dev’s sober look at India’s recent injury streak

When asked about the latest injury that has hurt India the most, former India captain Kapil Dev gave a blunt answer.

Despite winning streaks in all formats, the Indian team has been plagued by injuries, especially to fast bowlers. India’s hardest hit was all-rounder Hardik in his Pandia, who had just returned to the Indian side last summer after a lengthy back injury. Recently, India have been struggling with the absence of Jasprit Bumra, who was also ruled out of the T20 World Cup in September and the subsequent series due to injury.Ask about the recent injuries that have hurt India the most. When asked, former India captain Kapil Dev gave a blunt answer. Kapil, who has had an illustrious 16-year career as an international cricketer, has had a relatively injury-free run, with a long season of cricket spanning the international, domestic and T20 leagues leading to more injuries for hat cricketers. It’s easy to do.

“Now the season spans more than 10 months. The more you play, the more injuries you get. Cricket is not an easy game. need to do it. Adapting to everything is not so easy and requires a body. So you crack,” he said.

Regarding the increase in injuries among the Indian side’s pace bowlers, Kapil pointed out that fast bowlers need to throw more into the net to prepare their bodies instead of absorbing direct pressure during the match. and stressed that the current generation of fast bowlers can only throw 30 balls into the net.

To avoid this, he adds:
“The more you play at the net, the more your muscles start to develop. I was told today that the pacemaker can only throw 30 pitches. That’s one reason. That much stress to play at a professional level is going to crack your body. He has to bowl more than anything else. “

Speaking of the Indian team, they are now part of his ODI series with New Zealand. They have won his first two matches and are looking to win the competition against the finalists of his Cup at Worlds 2019 and write a whitewash in their final match in Indore on 24 January. The win lifted India to number one in the ICC-ODI rankings.

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