Expert cricket match prediction: “He was barely mentioned after the game…”: Manjrekar ignores double Centurion Gill to name India’s true stars in New Zealand win

Sanjay Manjrekar gave a special mention to one of Team India’s best players after Rohit Sharma and co-team defeated New Zealand in the third ODI to seal the White Ball Streak 3-0 at Indore.

Indian opener Shubman Gill has emerged as a standout player in the recently ended series between India and New Zealand. After breaking a record-breaking double his barrel in the opener of the series, opener Gill made his third one with Black his Caps in Indore on Tuesday at his International (ODI). celebrated his fourth century in While the cricket fraternity was busy singing praises of India’s opening match, former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar shone the spotlight on one of Gill’s teammates.

After his third ODI in Indore, the former cricketer Manjrekar spoke more about India’s series victory over New Zealand on the rapid rise of Indian pacesetter Mohammed Siraj. Without pace ace Jasprit Bumrah, speed dealer Siraj supplied Team India and became Rohit Sharma’s first World Cup bowler of the year.

Credit where credit is due, former Indian batsman Manjrekar noted that Siraj was barely mentioned in the post-match ceremony. “Very little was mentioned in injury time. Little was said. But if he has to look at one player who promises a lot, yes. A player who has made incredible progress. I have used this term many times. He now looks like a full seam his bowler. And it says a lot about every artist, not just this format, but also in friendly matches with T20Is,” Manjrekar told Star Sports. Pace-setter Siraj rested for the third ODI against New Zealand on Tuesday after India took a clear lead over Raipur’s Black Caps. Pacer Siraj has sacked five wickets in his two matches against the Black Caps. “Shubman Gil has doubled his 100 and 100. But when you look at the quality, it’s a big pressure game when you’re playing against the toughest opponents in the world. He is the one India found someone who will be there when it needs it,” added Manjrekar.

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