Prediction of cricket match yesterday: “I’m number one in the world at 50 over cricket. My conversion rate is better than Kohli’s, but they’re being ignored. Passionate claim of PAK fabric

The veteran Pakistan cricketer has claimed his stunning List A record to be “better” than the former Indian captain, but has been repeatedly ignored by his country’s selectors.

Each era of world cricket has his one or his two players that define that era. A player who, through his achievements and records, whether batting or bowling, set the standard for a particular cross format respected by all other players around the world. The world has seen many heavyweights in the sport like Sunil Gavaskar, Wasim Akram, Sachin Tendulkar, Shane Warne and a few others. In the current era, Virat Kohli was the epitome of hitting his Goaes. Numbers with more value than Kohli does in each form are noted and emphasized in the cricket fraternity. However, the veteran Pakistani cricketer has claimed his stunning List A record to be “better” than the former Indian captain, but has been repeatedly ignored by his country’s selectors.

A right-handed batsman from Karachi, Krammansur has appeared in his 26 international matches for the Pakistan national team since his debut in 2008. Of these his three shortest-form games, his one in which both Kohli and Khurram appeared was the only such match in the latter’s career. The Pakistani batsman, who has scored just 10 of his goals, was sidelined by a stunning direct hit from Kohli in the Asian Cup match. It was my last international match at the age of 36. Since then he has tried to return to his national team by competing in domestic cricket, but was rejected.

Crumb, who spoke with Nadil Ali on his YouTube channel, was asked about his claim that his List A numbers are better than Kohli’s. It is clear that his attempt was not to compare himself to the star his India batsman but to highlight his accomplishments in domestic cricket while selectors repeatedly rejected him. I made it

“I don’t compare myself to Virat Kohli. In fact, in 50-over cricket, I’m the best in the world, no matter who’s in the top 10. Cori is standing behind me. My conversion rate on List A Cricket is better than his. He scores a century every six innings. I score every 5.68 innings. And based on an average of 53 over the last 10 years, I’m 5th in the world in List A cricket. He also scored a 24th century in his final 48 innings. I am still the top scorer among the players who have played for Pakistan from 2015 to date. I’m also the top scorer and century getter in the national T20. And no one gave me a solid reason to do it,” he said. Crumb has so far tallied 7,992 carries in 166 List A appearances and weighed 27 tons. That is, he has played every 6.11 innings he has in his century. His 53.42 batting average is currently at least his sixth best in the world among hitters who have played more than 100 innings. Kohli, on the other hand, scored 14,215 runs in 294 innings with 50 tons, accounting for his century every 5.88 innings.

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