Free cricbuzz prediction: India’s 20-man World Cup shortlist: See names that may have made the first cut

BCCI shortlisted 20 players at a performance evaluation conference.

The ODI World Cup 2023 kicked off in October this year and the Indian Cricket Control Board (BCCI) has started building the squad by shortlisting his 20 players for the final squad. These players will be monitored prior to the tournament and the National Cricket Academy (NCA) will work with their respective Indian Premier League (IPL) teams during his T20 tournament in the 2023 edition to ensure no players are injured. .

1- Rohit Sharma (Captain):
Rohit may have had one of the least successful years of his career last year, but it became clear that he was captain and his position was not in jeopardy. I was. It’s hard to see other players starting the inning before him.

2- Ishan Kishan:
His 200th anniversary record against Bangladesh in Jharkhand’s wicket-keeper batsman saw him start the innings with Rohit ahead of all other contenders.

3- Shubman Gil/Sikar Dhawan:
Gil was considered second in the opener, but Kishan’s record-breaking show apparently demoted him to his third. So does Sikar Dhawan, who has established himself as India’s longtime starting pitcher in Rohit, and he seems doomed as he was left out of the team’s upcoming series against Sri Lanka.

4- Virat Kohli:
The former captain has had the greatest success with his ODI during his prolific career. Now that the centuries-old drought has finally ended in this form, he’s trying to recreate some of it. 5- Shreyas Iyer:
Iyer was by far his ODI hitter for India throughout 2022. He is India’s top scorer in this format and for some time he will be one of the 11 first names.

6- Suryakumar Yadav:
India somehow wants to put Suryakumar in the middle order despite having many good players available thanks to his absolutely exceptional performance in his T20Is last year. I’m here.

7-Rishabh Pants:
Punt is arguably one of India’s most important players in all formats, but the wicketkeeper’s availability hinges on his recovery after Punt sustained multiple injuries in a car accident last week. Pants had a pretty good year in his 2022 ODI, averaging 37.33 points in 10 innings. However, his best performance came when he played in the top order, which seems a little too narrow for him at the moment.

8-KL Rahul:
KL Rahul lost his vice-captain to his Hardik Pandya. That means he’s no longer immune to falls after a string of disinterested performances since returning from injury last year.

9- Hardik Pandaya:
His Pandya’s extraordinary recovery over the past year has made him one of the first names on his list of Indian teams in Limited his over his cricket.

10- Ravindra Jadeja:
Injuries kept Jadeja out of the squad for all of last year’s Asian Cup and T20 World Cup, and India missed the ace all-rounder by a wide margin. They hope he can maintain his prolific form after his return, especially with the racket, and avoid injury ahead of his Cup at Worlds in 2023. 11- Sanju Samson:
Samson has shown a tendency to finish in cricket for 50 overs whenever he was allowed to play last year and is expected to finish in the top eleven.

11- Sanju Samson:
Samson has shown a tendency to finish in cricket for 50 overs whenever he was allowed to play last year and is expected to finish in the top eleven.

12- Washington Thunder:
Spin He’s a bowling all-rounder who has proven time and time again to be a reliable hitter. However, injuries have hampered his career over the last year, and he tries to make things right whenever he gets the chance.

13- Jasprit Bumla:
Bumrah’s injury that ruled him out of the T20 World Championship made headlines around the world and showed how important he is to the Indian team.His injury woes are central to India’s recent crisis We have seen big players get hit hard before major tournaments and series. 14- Yuzvendra Chahal:
With the tournament being held in India, Spinners is at the center of India’s plans, and it’s hard to imagine him skipping Chahal like he did at his T20 World Cup in Australia last year.

15- Kuldeep Yadav:
Kuldeep always comes close to making the Indian squad in major tournaments. But how much faith the team themselves place in him, especially considering he was left out of the second friendly against Bangladesh despite producing a player with the same performance. I don’t know yet.

16- Mohammed Shammi:
Shami is one of India’s top bowlers at his T20 World Championships and the team is considering him a senior pacer for the 2023 World Championships.

17- Mohammed Siraj:
Despite being on the 20-man shortlist, Siraj may have to do much more than he has indicated so far to ensure he is a top-team player at the World Cup. I can’t. 18- Ashdeep Singh:
Arshdeep is one of India’s standout players in his T20 World Cup and could well become one of India’s regular pacesetters in the 2023 tournament.

19- Bhuvneshwar Kumar:
He may have moved down the pecking order after conceding in his T20 game last year. Bhuvneshwar could be one of the players who could drop out of the top 20 for good if he doesn’t make any changes this year ahead of the World Cup.

20- Umran Malik:
India wants Umran to come of age before the World Cup. If so, they can have powerful weapons that tear through batting lineups early in the game.

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