Free cricbuzz prediction: The crowd at ILT20 is extraordinary: Mubashir Usmani

Emirates Cricket Commission Executive Director Mubasil Usmani is optimistic about the present and future of the international T20 league in the UAE. In an interview, he discusses his first impressions of the event, feedback from stakeholders, what it will offer fans and how this will affect his UAE national team.

Instantly, I feel great satisfaction and great pride in the team that has brought us to this moment.

What was the initial feedback from the parties (franchises and broadcasters) who funded the tournament?

Positive, encouraging and supportive. Having a forward-thinking partner with strong business vision and insight is very rewarding. They don’t just invest financially, they invest intrinsically through experienced resources and processes. The League Strategy and Planning Committee will work closely with stakeholders to assess and implement timely and effective actions to ensure a successful edition for all partners and for years to come To do.

Bringing in famous owners like SRK, Adani, Ambani and Glazers is a huge success for you, but are the owners happy with the results so far?

As previously mentioned, the league’s franchise team owners are also actively involved in the league’s active strategy and planning committee discussions, providing insight into how the league was launched, distribution and coverage ( Broadcast and Media) are very satisfied. game. The number of digital competitors was obviously very high, with 1.5 million people attending the opening ceremony and the game Zee Five, but this kind of popularity was not reflected locally. What can you say about it?

First, we are very pleased with the interest in the show, overall viewership is very promising, and both global broadcaster Zee and his franchise partners are happy with the start of the league.

The United Arab Emirates is home to many expats whose favorite sport is cricket. The UAE has a rich history of successfully hosting some of the biggest his T20 tournaments, including his ICC Men’s T20 World Cup last year combined with some of the best tournaments. By showcasing the names of players and franchises in the sport, we are confident that we will be able to attract more participants as the league progresses.

What can we expect in the future? For United Arab Emirates supporters, we present a range of fun and engaging activities and initiatives for families and cricket-loving adults. The competition heats up as the team seeks to top the league. Audiences at home and abroad are looking forward to an absolute feast of his engaging and exciting cricket action through high-quality production and broadcasting.

The big and obvious problem is the conflict with SA20. Were conflicts avoided? Will there be another time slot starting next season?

While it is true that this window is crammed with many of his T20 franchises and all forms of bilateral his cricket, it has its own imprint on both fans and spectators at three world-class venues. I am confident that I can leave worldwide competition.

The timeframe from 13th January to 12th February (2023) is the optimal playing conditions in the UAE and this timeframe serves our purpose, but we have other Evaluate people and act on them. Minimize league date conflicts.

It took 10 years in the IPL for the owners to turn a profit. Please tell us about ILT20.

We have a viable business and strategic model that is recognized and fully supported by all our stakeholders and owners.

After all, everyone says that he will contribute to the development of the UAE cricket team. As head of the ECB, how much time do you spend making sure of that?

This will be a continuous development strategy. It is important to recognize that Emirates Cricket enjoys an already successful international cricket performance in the UAE. The first player to score a hat-trick, and the U19 women are now in their first-ever ICC U19 Women’s T20 Worlds her cup, winning the opening match against Scotland.

The groundwork is in place and exposing the male players to the best resources and minds in cricket has certainly improved their skills and through league commitments has secured a major contract for her UAE women’s team at Choose the Cost. Funds are used to support. For dedicated female developers.

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