Today cricket match report: Vidarbha defends lowest score in Ranji Trophy, knocks out Gujarat with 54

Vidarbha beat Gujarat in a heat of 54 and defended 73 goals in Thursday’s Ranji Trophy. This was the lowest number of defenses in tournament history.

The previous record was held by Bihar where he defended 78 against Delhi in 1948/49. Bihar bowled Delhi for 48 in those innings.

Aditya Sarvate played on Vidarbha’s ball and helped his team win by his 18 runs, finishing with figures of 6/17.

Vidaba, who chose to hit first, was bundled at 74. Gujarat built a 182-run lead in the first innings thanks to an 88-run knock from Arya Desai. Vidarba then scored 254 goals in two innings, scoring 73 goals. Gujarat finished the second day with 6 runs due to missing wickets.

On Thursday, the downfall began with Desai falling 17th in the team’s standings after nine overs. Gujarat lost his next seven his wickets by 26 runs. Salvate then finished off Uman’s 29-ball rearguard to seal the win for Vidalba. A grueling derby took three wickets.

Siddharth Desai he put up some resistance at 18/47 but couldn’t see Gujarat across the line.

Vidarbha is now in Elite Group C where he has 19 points, overtaking Gujarat and Railways. It is tied with second-placed Punjab, who play for Madhya Pradesh.

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