Free cricket match prediction: Ranji Trophy HLs: Sarfaraz Khan passed away. His 19 wicket falls on Valsad

Sarfaraz Khan built on his prolific form winning streak when he hit 162 to put Mumbai in a strong position against Tamil Nadu at Brabourne Stadium. Mumbai had him down to 183/6 by the end of the first day, but a superb shot from Sarfaraz and key contributions from Tanoush Kotian (71) and Mohit Abasti (69) helped Tamil Nadu’s thrive. Her side his finish was 481 in response to 144 visitors. 62/1 on stumps, still 275 from making bat again in Mumbai.

Manan Vohra scored his double century and Kunal Mahajan scored his 1st first-class 100 at the end of his second day truncated match at Agartala to give Chandigarh the lead . Chandigarh continued with his 313/2 and just finished the day with 455/3 after hitting 27.4 overs. With the dismissal of 200 Vohra, 317 worth of partnerships ended. Mahajan was undefeated with 162.

Mohammad Saif’s first first-class double 100 was followed by Akash Pandey’s career-best 6-for-49 with his left-arm spinner Akash Pandey scoring an innings victory over Jammu and Kashmir. Railway, who started the day at 322/8, finished 427 thanks to Saif’s unbeaten 233. Jammu and Kashmir were then eliminated by just 161 and called to continue, ending the day on 5/0. Kedar Jadhav and Siddhesh Veer put Maharashtra in strong position through an uninterrupted 212-run union for the third wicket as Maharashtra finished day two against Assam with a 33 lead. After Maharashtra dismissed Assam for 274, Maharashtra reached 307/2 in the stumps, with Kedarjadav not only scoring 142 as well as his 126 deliveries, while Siddesh were unbeaten with 94.

Karnataka skipper Mayank Agarwal led his team’s strong racket response after Chhattisgarh finished on 311, scoring hundreds of top flights of the season. Chhattisgarh started the day with his 267/5, Vidwath Kaverappa only added his 44 to last night’s total (5-67) and Vasuki Koushik (4-43) did most of the damage with the ball. I was. R Samarth (81) and Mayank added 163 to his opening wickets and the captain finished the day at 102*, with Karnataka scoring stumps with his 202/1.

Arpit Vasavada’s unbeaten 127 and helpful contributions from Samarth Vyas (54) and Prerak Mankad (64) gave Saurashtra the lead against Delhi. Saurashtra, who bowled Delhi for 133 on day one, started his second day with 184/1. They lost Centurion Harvick his Desai early overnight and at the time he was 235/4. Vasavada formed a productive partnership with Vyas and Mankad, scoring 99 and 128 respectively in the fifth and his sixth wicket, with Saurashtra ending his day with his 503/6 and 370 leads helped the

Rahul Singh (137) and Rajat Paliwal (101) gave their serve a fine hundred lead in the match against Puducherry. After bowling Puducherry for 216 on the first day, the serve scored 378/5 in the stamps and took the lead by 162 runs.

Karan Ramba’s 122 not out was the backbone of Rajasthan’s 287 against Jharkhand as the hosts opened up a lead of 195 runs in the first innings. Ashish Kumar’s five wickets his draw reduced Rajasthan to his 141/8 against Jharkhand’s 92. Ramba, however, forged key partnerships with No.10 Rituraj Singh and No.11 Aniket Choudhary, propelling the team towards a strong lead. Jharkhand finished the day with his 66/0 to cut the deficit to 129. Prashant Chopra’s No. 111, along with Raghav Dhawan (age 56) and Ankit Karshi (age 54*) for half a century responded to Barodas No. 355 to propel Himachal Pradesh. Chopra was involved in the partnership of the century in his first two wickets and was unbeaten at the stumps as Himachal reached his 223/1.

Tariq Siddiq and Anoop Ahrawat join the list of centurions in the match between Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh. Punit Bisht was released early in his second day with 215, but Siddique’s 102 didn’t help and Rajesh Bishnoi 57* helped Meghalaya after his 610/6 was declared. Arunachal regularly dropped wickets, but Anoop failed to run a lone fight for 123 as Ahrawat finished the day with his 148/4. top magic

Chintangaja’s five-wicket draw overshadowed Baltej’s Singh’s seven-four as Punjab took the lead against Gujarat at the end of his 19-wicket day at Barsad. Gajah’s spectacular show with the ball helped Punjab to be dismissed for his 286 after he started the day with 276/7. Gujarat then staggered under Baltej’s dominating bowling his performance, knocking the hosts out of the tournament with just 97, his career-best 7/28. Punjab lost a quick his wicket in his second essay but Naman did not finish his Dhir’s 71 and at the stumps he took the lead to 156/6 and 345.

Avesh Khan conceded five of the seven wickets that Vidarva lost as Madhya Pradesh held a large lead in the first innings. Avesh assisted Saransh Jain (61) with the bat and helped Madhya Pradesh after 309 games. He then pocketed when Vidarbha’s response dropped his first five wickets to his 56/5. Sanjay Raghunath (53*) and Aditya Sarwate (40) formed a fighting partnership, but Vidarbha finished the day with him 145/7 with 164 down.

Nitish Kumar Reddy and KV Sasikanth collected his 7 wickets to limit Hyderabad’s lead to 62. After being dismissed for 135 on day one, Andorra managed to hold Hyderabad down to 197 thanks to four wickets from Nitish and three from Sasikans. Andhra showed a better batting performance in her second essay, with CR Gnaneshwar and Srikar Bharat’s 70s making 230/3 at stumps to take the lead with 168.

Mayank Mishra’s six wicket hole and a collective bowling performance by Bengal marked her second day of 14 wickets at Dehradun. Bengal started the day in a dominant position with his 269/2 but was eliminated with 387 due to Mishra’s regular strikes. Then Shabazz Ahmed, Akash Deep and Pradiptha Pramanik each scored two and Uttarakhand went down to 104/6 in stumps.

A four-wicket move from Lakshay Garg and two wickets each from Arjun Tendulkar and Shubham Desai led Goa’s strong performance with the ball on the second day against Kerala. Kerala started his 247/5 day, losing his five wickets in the final and adding just 18 runs on his second day thrown out for 265. 5 Stump.

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