IPL 2023: Women’s IPL 2023: Interest was highest in WIPL Media Rights, with over 10 parties choosing to bid as they received her January 12th offer.

Women IPL 2023 – WIPL Bid for Media Rights:
BCCI has a significant interest in the Women IPL Media Rights Tender. Or…

Women IPL 2023 – WIPL Bid for Media Rights:
BCCI has a significant interest in the Women IPL Media Rights Tender. The bid-buy date ended December 31st. According to BCCI officials, more than 10 parties including Disney Star, Sony Network and Viacom18 have selected bidding documents. Interested parties must submit CLOSED BIDS by January 12th. After bidding for media rights, BCCI will sell the WIPL franchise. The first season of WIPL 2023 will run from March 3rd to 26th.

It is worth noting that BCCI has not set a base price for his MEDIA RIGHTS bid. After the winner of the MEDIA rights is determined, BCCI will offer his WIPL franchise for sale. According to BCCI, the value of MEDIA RIGHTS will give potential franchise bidders clear sales transparency. India’s BCCI and women’s cricketers face a huge windfall in 2023. According to a senior BCCI official, “the upcoming Women IPL League could generate more than 1000 kroner at auction for each franchise”. We have confirmed that it can fluctuate from 40 kroner, which means WIPL, like its peers, will make women in cricket millionaires next year.

There is already significant interest in acquiring the WIPL franchise. Mohit Burman, who is also chairman of Dabur India Ltd, said the IPL has potential for women. His interest in tournaments may also inspire others to consider investing.

“We don’t know the base price. The amount we’ll need to acquire the team will be revealed once the media rights are secured,” Berman said, adding that selling the media rights in the first place was the right thing to do. “That way all bidders can see what they’re getting,” Burman added. Women’s Cricket and BCCI’s Lucky Break

BCCI expects to earn 1000 Cr plus from each franchise
400 kroner could be the base price for winning bids
Player purses for each team in the range of 35-40 CRORE
BCCI has already released her TENDER for media rights.
Women’s IPL 2023:
BCCI expects each women’s franchise to generate “1,000 Cr plus revenue,” with a player’s wallet ranging from her 40 CRORE.

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