IPL Auction:5 Indian thugs who managed to make a fortune on December 23rd

IPL Auction 2023:
From Jagadeesan to Kunnummal, here are the top 5 Indian hitters who got big bids from his 10 franchises on December 23rd in Kochi.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is set for another mini-revamp as teams look to fill gaps in their squads and paper over the cracks that may have emerged in the 2022 season which immediately followed the mega-auction of February 2022.

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With 87 player slots up for grabs and teams, saddled with smaller purses, scrambling to get their combinations right, the December 23 auction is set to be another gripping affair. Against this backdrop, the fight for Indian batters should be intense as franchises turn towards homegrown talent in search for consistency and adeptness against spin bowling for a season that will see the return of the home and away format after a hiatus of almost four years.

Here are the top five Indian batters who could spark an intense bidding war on December 23:

The Tamil Nadu opener is coming off a record-breaking run in the 50-over Vijay Hazare Trophy, where he was the top run scorer with 830 runs in eight matches, averaging an astounding 138.33 while striking at 125.37. Jagadeesan struck the highest individual score in List A cricket with a stellar knock of 277 off 141 balls against Arunachal Pradesh in November. His prolific form in the tournament made Jagadeesan the first batsman to score consecutive 500 points in List A cricket. Sayed, 26, as Tamil Nadu failed to make it past the group stage of his tournament in his 20 overs He Mushtaq He Ali His trophy His season was mediocre, in six innings he scored 118 runs and batted he was 131.11.

At the IPL 2022 auction he was acquired by the Chennai Super Kings for a base price of INR 20,000 Jagadeesan was released from the franchise ahead of his auction. The right-hander has set the base price for his December 23rd auction at INR 20,000.

MAYANK AGARWAL (base price:
Agarwal had a dismal performance in his 2022 Punjab as his first ever IPL captain with his Kings, in 12 innings he scored 196 runs and averaged 16.33. Agarwal, who had been held for INR 14 million ahead of his auction at the IPL 2022 mega, was replaced as captain of the Punjab Kings by Sikar Dhawan, and at the December 23 auction he was dismissed from the team. Karnataka skipper home His lukewarm appearance in cricket belies his skill and experience. Ahead of IPL 2022, Agarwal achieved his most successful IPL stint in 2021, batting 140.45 with the Punjab Kings where he scored 441 runs.

Agarwal is not only a special opener, but middle he can also play in the orders like he played four times in IPL 2022 and quick he can also score in the clip. His 167.00 batting average in the 2022 Maharaj T20 Trophy top season is a testament to his ability to shift gears.

Agarwal recorded his most successful IPL stint in 2021, batting 140.45 with the Punjab Kings as he scored 441 runs.
Agarwal recorded his most successful IPL stint in 2021, batting 140.45 with the Punjab Kings as he scored 441 runs.
Manish Pandey (base price:
Another talented hitter from Karnataka found himself hated by both the national team and his IPL franchise. Last Lucknow Pandey failed to profile as he was sold for Rs 460 crore at Super Giants auction. As a result, he played only 6 games with 88 carries, a 14.67 average, and a 110 batting average. However, the 33-year-old did a decent job in his trophy over Said his Mushtaq Ali, and in seven innings he scored 247 runs at an average of 61.75. With a little more consistency, Pandey could be an asset for teams looking for a reliable mid-level Indian hitter who can handle both spin and pace equally well.

Much like his Karnataka teammate Agarwal, Pandey will have to repeat that form at the highest level in the Maharajah T20 Trophy 2022 where he scored 358 runs, a 51.14 average and a healthy 160 batting average.

Pandey performed decently in his Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, in seven innings he averaged 61.75 on 247 carries. Pandey averaged a decent 61.75 on 247 carries over seven innings in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy.
Rohan Kunnummal (base price:
After looting a run in first-class cricket for Kerala, he made his call-up to India A for the first time on his tour of Bangladesh in November, and the naturally aggressive batsman is one of the world’s biggest in the T20 league. Eager to prove his skills with putts. First-class only he has four centuries in 11 innings and his record of 50 is a testament to his consistency, and his cricket batting average of 82.41 does not hurt his credentials either. The 24-year-old leader, Vijay Hazare, scored for Kerala with 414 runs in the trophy, an average of 103.50 and a batted average of 131.84, but returned noticeably poorer in the side Mushtaq Trophy (201 runs in 8 innings averaged, 131.84). average 28.71).

Last month, Kunnummal announced that mini-his auction should have caught the attention of many franchises, as he participated in simulation sessions with the Rajasthan Royals, Delhi Capitals, and Kolkata Knight Riders

vivant Sharma (base price:
The left-hander Vivrant made headlines in the Vijay Hazare Trophy 2022 tournament with a 124-ball 154 against Uttarakhand, helping Jammu and Kashmir secure his berth with first knockouts in tournament history. Early in the tournament, he top-scored with his 62-ball 69 as J&K chased Mammoth 343 against his defending rune trophy his champion Madhya Pradesh. Vivrant was his second highest goalscorer on the team with 395 runs in his tournament over 50, averaging 56.42. He struck out two of his 50s in his Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy and with a commendable batting average of 145.45 he amassed 128 runs.

The 23-year-old punched both pacemakers and spinners. Young people are cool-headed and able to adapt and take turns when necessary.

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