ipl bookies prediction:BCCI confirms major rule changes ahead of IPL 2023 mini auction. Learn more about

India’s Cricket Control Board (BCCI) has clarified the rules regarding ‘Impact Players’, which will be added from the 2023 IPL season. The rule clarification comes a few days before the IPL 2023 auction in Kochi on Friday (December 23rd).

According to a report on the Cricbuzz website, for all 10 franchises, BCCI said that unless Playing XI included “four foreign stars,” the only “impact players” were Indian players, and no foreigners. clarified that it is not.

“Of the four alternate players listed on the team sheet, only one foreign player may be used as an impact player. If a team introduces a foreign player into the game as an impact player, under any circumstances, five th foreign player is unable to enter the field,” said a BCCI memo quoted on the Cribbuzz website. A notebook explaining how to use the “Impact Player”. “The captain appoints an impact player. Impact players may be introduced (i) before the start of an inning; (ii) after the completion of an over; , if the batter retires.

“A bowling team may also get an impact player while a wicket is falling, but if a wicket falls midway, that impact player may not bowl the remaining balls in that over.”

The BCCI stated that players who are replaced by Impact players during a game may be unable to participate in the game or may return to the game as a substitute outfielder.

BCCI has clarified that an “impact player” cannot serve as captain. “If an impact player is placed on the field by a team and an injury occurs, the same rules apply as in the current state of the game (see Rule 24. Absence of Outfield Players; Substitutions). , or if the referee determines that the injured player has become ill, a substitute skater may field the injured player. Substitutes may not bowl or serve as captain. Batting team and fielding team penalties for his time are applied to players off the field of replacements according to the terms of play. “

The rule also states that an “impact player” may come in for a retired hitter and may come later if desired. If a player has been named as a substitute, the substituted player no longer participates in the match.

“(b) If a batter retires and is replaced by an Impact Player, but another player is named as his replacement, the retired player may return to the game in accordance with Article 25.41 of the IPL Terms of Play. You can participate in “matches.” There are only 11 players who can hit in any situation,” the memo read.

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