IPL Prediction 2023: Pants tend to be put aside for a long time. Suspicious for IPL

Rishabh Pant may be facing a long hiatus from the game. The extent of his injury and recovery time are not yet known, but he appears unlikely to be in the series for his four Tests against Australia, which run from February to March. Similarly, the Indian Premier League (IPL) in April-May may also have to be sidelined. He is the Delhi Capitals skipper in his IPL.

Cribbuzz understands that the exact nature of treatment and the time required for recovery and rehabilitation can only be determined after treatment has begun for a torn ligament in my right knee. India’s Cricket Control Board (BCCI) medical team is monitoring the 25-year-old wicketkeeper’s progress and could fly him to Mumbai if he can move.

Pant, who is now recovering at Max Hospital in Dehradun after miraculously escaping a car accident on Friday morning (December 30), is expected to recover from other trauma before treatment begins for a torn ligament. BCCI has set itself the task of healing torn ligaments.

Pant suffered numerous injuries, including several lacerations to his forehead, in a near-fatal crash near Gurukul, Narsan, Uttarakhand. He also injured his right wrist, ankle and toe and had a scrape on his back in addition to torn ligaments in his right knee. On Saturday, the condition of the pants is believed to be stable.

The possibility of sending Pant abroad for treatment has also not been ruled out, but no official comment has yet been received on this option. He said he would make sure he got all the support he needed to get out of the period. Punt took part in a friendly against Bangladesh that had just ended. After being excluded from the whiteball series against Sri Lanka, he was asked to report to the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bangalore for what is known as a ‘fitness block’. His return to the sport seems to have been delayed, and recovery and rehabilitation will take a long time to complete.

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