IPL Prediction 2023: Sourav Ganguly confirms that “Rishabh Pant will not be available for IPL 2023”.

Former India captain and BCCI president Sourav Ganguly said Rishabh Pant will not be able to participate in the 2023 IPL as he is recovering from a horrific card accident that left him with multiple injuries. Pant was flown from Dehradun to a hospital in Mumbai last week before undergoing knee surgery.

Pants has led Delhi Capitals in his IPL and reports they could turn the role of captain to Australia’s David his Warners if the wicket-keeper hitter is sidelined next season. increase.

“Rishabh Pant is unable to attend his IPL.I am associated with Delhi Capitals. It will be a great IPL (for the team) and they will do well, but Rishab Punt’s injury will affect Delhi Capitals,” Ganguly told Sports Today.

Pant said he was being treated at Ambani Hospital and reports said his ligament damage could take him three to four months to heal. IPL 2023 is scheduled to start in his final week of March.

Ganguly, meanwhile, is set to join DC as director of cricketers after stepping down as BCCI president last year.

Pants, 25, was driving on the Delhi-Dehradun highway on December 30 when his car crashed into a bulkhead. He was pulled out of the car before it caught fire.

After receiving emergency treatment at a local facility, he was transferred to a private hospital in Dehradun before BCCI decided to transfer him to Mumbai to continue treatment.

In a statement last week, BCCI said, “Rishab has two cuts on his forehead, a torn ligament in his right knee, injuries to his right wrist, ankle and toe, and a scrape on his back.”

According to reports, Pant’s main goal is to get in shape in time for his ODI World Championships in India later this year.

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