IPL prediction 2023: The bond between the two brothers burns bright with the arrival of Vivrant

Last season, promising cricketer from Jammu, Vivrant Sharma, joined Sunrisers Hyderabad’s camp as a net bowler. By then, his teammates Abdul Samad and Umran Malik in Jammu and Kashmir had already played for his main side in SRH, and Umran went one step further, wearing the Indian jersey. I was. Samad also helped Vivrant by luring him into the franchise net. Somewhere watching his teammates reach higher accolades made Vivrant work harder to succeed.

He said, “Like I left to play for the team as a net bowler. We have been playing together for 7-8 years. There is also a bond between our family and his family. When he was selected, we had the motivation that we could play as well. Umran was also selected, so I thought if they could play, so could we,” Vivrant told Criccbuzz.

When the IPL mini-auction was held, SRH’s spin bowling all-rounder was selected with 2.6 Cr for his excellent performance in J and K in Limited Overs cricket. “We (players) saw it live on the site and when it came out (SRH picked him in the auction) it felt really good.We had a lunge match in Ahmedabad I was excited at times.”

His brother Vikrant Sharma was also experiencing mixed emotions at home. Vivrant’s name popped up deep in the auction, with fierce competition between KKR and his SRH before SRH beat his KKR to finally close the deal. “At twelve o’clock I just grabbed a chair and started watching TV with eagle eyes,” Vikrant, now general manager of Thermat Sales Corporation, told Cricbuzz.

“When the time came, they took the name Vivrant Sharma and the awards went on and on.I was like, ‘OMG! rice field.” . That made me proud. For both (former) franchise winners…it has been such an amazing experience to have Vivrant selected for either Kolkata or Hyderabad,” he added.

The age difference between Vikrant and Vivrant is he is 10 years old. But speaking of the brothers separately, one can imagine the unbreakable bond that exists between the two. To delve deeper into the strong bond between the two, we need to go back to 1999, when Vivrant was born. At the time, Vikrant was pursuing his own ambitions of becoming a professional cricketer, but soon found tragedy at home for his two boys. his mother passed away. A devastating incident changed Vikrant’s outlook on life. “When he (Vivrant) was born, I was playing club cricket and attending the local academy…my basic sport practice. “It was very devastating news for our family after my mother’s death. At that point, I had to shift my focus from my sports career to this little boy. He was four or five years old at the time. was.

When older siblings are at home, younger siblings are more likely to pick up some traits and styles, and Vivrant was no exception. “My brother was playing cricket and I was watching him from the Sixth Standard. Watching him, I started hitting with his left hand. He was bowling too, so he started bowling too. His brother helped me a lot,” he said. “My brother would often put me on my bike… exercise. It was about getting on the ground as soon as I left school. I was mostly on the ground.”

Growing up in Jammu, cricket was more of a hobby for Vivrant. More importantly, his father wanted his two sons to start boxing and one day represent India. However, one particular incident convinced Vikrant that cricket was a better option for his brother.

“He (father, Sushil Sharma) was a boxer and always believed that singles matches would bring him a lot of success. A leather ball hit Vivrain’s lips when a sudden incident occurred at the house where he was playing gully cricket. Blood flow was minimal (and) I removed that blood quickly. “That’s when I felt, ‘It’s the right time to continue my dream on Vivrant’s shoulders.’ That day, I told my father that [boxing] is a very dangerous game.” Let me take Vivrant with me.” (Play cricket)” when he said, “Try it. India has a population of almost 100 Cr. See what he can do.” Let’s try.” Limited (number) 10-20 (age group). Then he said, ‘Okay, go ahead’.”

The bond only grew a little stronger when the two brothers faced another tragedy – their father also died. This tragic incident further strengthened Vikrant’s determination to support Vivrant. “After my father’s death (Vivrant said), ‘My focus is on you. We take a very professional approach to your preparation, diet and lifestyle.’

“He started playing for the state after his father died. So he came U14 and he was nine years old and he came on the field with me. We I train every day. Selected as a U14 at the age of 12. he kicked the ball Bedi was a coach and mentor for the J and K Cricket Association. I’ve seen him have a special ability in bowling and his attitude as an athlete is very good.”

Behind the scenes, Vikrant seemed to be a pillar of strength, but Vivrant showed his skill on the pitch despite setbacks. This point can be illustrated by some U19 games where Vikrant provided emotional support to Vivrant. “At the Under-19s, he shot an amazing 89. He said to me, ‘Oh, I was only short of 11 runs.’ Then it was his second game at the Under-19s. At Cheat Vidarbha, he had 158 knocks and 100 debuts. Then I said, “Don’t think about it (you missed 100 in the previous game). Just keep going and stay positive, you’re on the right track.”

Several auditions at the U19 level provide further evidence that Vivrant’s temperament bounces back from failure: “I was in the U19s, but I didn’t join the team…the longest format team I didn’t even attend,” he says Vivrant. “So we had a test match, but it didn’t go well. In the previous game, the selector said, “This is your last inning. It was a turning point in my life when I became confident.

Jammu and Kashmir wicketkeeper and friend of Vivrant, Raman Thaploo, also recalls one audition where he lightheartedly teased the young Vivrant. But on the same day, Thploo found out that Vivrant had his 6-hit show.

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