IPL Prediction: ‘Rishabh Pant drove me crazy. I stopped giving him suggestions and opinions’: Former Indian coach makes heartbreaking allegations

Recalling his early days with Rishabh Pant, the former Indian coach revealed how the wicketkeeper’s stubbornness made him “angry and frustrated”.

Rishabh Pant could be an integral part of his squad at India’s test today, but the youngster is still inexperienced and had to work hard to cement his place in Playing XI. There was a time Pant has always been a good batsman – having spent a century each on the first tours of England and Australia underscores this – but when he first burst onto the stage, his wicketkeeping skills improved significantly. Pants had previously struggled to keep up with the likes of R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja in home tests, often failing easy grabs and catches in overseas matches.

When Pant made his Test debut for India during the 2018 tour of England, an injury to Widimansaha saw him automatically assigned as goalkeeper. However, as soon as the experienced wicketkeeper returned, the punt was sidelined due to the Bengal goalkeeper’s decent skill. It was during this time that former Indian fielder his coach R Sridhar Pant came to the rescue. The decision ultimately paid off, but it was never easy in the early days.

“There were some comments he was hesitant to accept because he trusted the game to reach this level. rice field. But getting angry or frustrated doesn’t help anyone. I had to find a way to get Rishabh to try different things just for him to know if these changes were actually beneficial to his demeanor.

After playing fiddle behind Saha, Pant said he will return to his XI in India for his 2nd Test against New Zealand in 2022, at which point he decided on a unique way to coach Pant. , he recalls Sridhar.

“We spent a lot of time training together, just him and me. I ignored the expression of Rishabh has intelligence, so it didn’t take long for him to realize that something was wrong,” he added.

“After a while he came up to me and said, ‘Doctor, don’t say anything. Tell me what to do.’ Maybe you should lead with your head so as not to break the silence, which is exactly what he did. Since his head went first, so did his body, so he was confident in collecting the ball.

It was the beginning of a resurgence of stance skills in the pants.Practices featured earlier in the year took place during the pandemic, after which the punts emerged as very confident wicketkeepers. Especially when he played against Australia in the 2020/21 series against the great Ricky He even Ponting called into question his skills from behind the wicket but Sridhar’s advice has gone a long way and he has been on the sidelines for months. After the brawl, the pants evolved into a nifty product. Become India’s preferred wicketkeeper.

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