IPL Prediction: The Rishabh Pant will be released during most of 2023

Rishabh Pant is unlikely to play cricket for much of 2023 and will miss many marquee tournaments, including the IPL. ESPNcricinfo says a BCCI medical update on a punt that survived a car crash on 30 December said the wicket-keeper hitter had torn all three of his lanyards in the knee, two of which had recently been broken. , was reconstructed on his third lanyard during surgery and is due to be rebuilt in six weeks. .

As a result, the punt puts him at risk of being sidelined for at least six months, and from October he could also miss out on his chance to compete at the ODI World Championships scheduled for November in India.

Last week, Punt underwent knee surgery after suffering right ligament damage in an accident en route from Delhi to Roorkee’s family. It was flown in from Dehradun and was flown to Mumbai last week and placed under the supervision of Dr. Dan. He is Dinshaw Pardiwala, one of his board contract specialist surgeons. BCCI has issued three medical bulletins since the accident and surgery, one of which says Pant also injured his right ankle. ESPNcricinfo learned that all three of his ligaments in his knee (anterior cruciate ligament, posterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament) are necessary for movement and stability. We see that recent surgery has reconstructed both the PCL and MCL. Pants will need to undergo another surgery to reconstruct his ACL, but doctors will wait at least six weeks before proceeding with it.

While there is still no final doctor’s timetable for how long it will take for the punts to resume training, both the BCCI and the selectors have concluded that the wicketkeeper hitter will be out for at least six months. . Punt, who last played against Bangladesh in December, was resting for a home series against Sri Lanka.On Monday, he was absent from the team announced for the New Zealand series, followed by the first in the Border Gavascar Trophy against Australia. Two tests were performed. Delhi Punt, his Capitals captain, will also miss his IPL, which starts on April 1. Another important match for him that Punt will miss is the final of his championship at the World Test in June if India advances to the summit.

The selectors named KS Bharat and he Ishan Kishan as options for Pants to miss the wicket keep in the first half of the Australian Test series. Bharat and Kishan will also take on goalkeeping roles in the three-game ODI series against New Zealand starting next week.

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