Perfect cricbuzz prediction: “If I was the worst player…”: His Virat Kohli ‘It Happens To You’ Advice To Suryakumar Yadav

There was a lot of mutual respect between Virat Kohli and Suryakumar Yadav. Kohli spoke candidly about how he dealt with his failures and advised Suryakumar to prepare for difficult times.

Since making his debut against England almost two years ago, the kind of run that Suryakumar Yadav has shown in his T20Is is unprecedented in this format. However, a similar, and perhaps more spell, didn’t last long for Virat Kohli in other formats until a slump in form in 2019 pushed back the former Indian captain. After recording, and one step closer to Sachin Tendulkar’s 49th-century ODI century record, Suryakumar advised Yadav to be prepared to “take a few steps back” if things were not to his liking. bottom. Kohli finished a three-year wait for the ODI century with a stunning blow against Bangladesh in Mirpur last month, before beating another 100 against Sri Lanka in the first ODI in Guwahati on Tuesday to prove he is truly the best. I let the world know that I have returned to the state of

After scoring just 87 to 113 balls and helping India win a mammoth 373 for 7 at the Barsapara stadium, Rohit Sharma led a team to win the game by 67 runs and in a three game series he was 1-1. Kohli, who led by 0, was interviewed by Suryakumar Yadav. For

There was a lot of mutual respect between the two. Kohli spoke candidly about how to deal with failure, and when Suryakumar asked him about his mantra, he advised him to prepare for difficult times.

“The run was down about 4-5 years off the racket and then a year or two (there was a dip. What did you do in between to be rewarded again in 2023?” Surya, who was not selected for ODI, asked Kohli. Kohli, who made his comeback after resting in T20 for three games, hit 12 4s and 6s on Tuesday. But even six months ago, the Talisman fabric wasn’t so rosy. He was forced to take a long break from cricket after a lengthy lean period.Last year he returned to the Indian side for the Asian Cup, beating a century in almost three years. Since then, he has regained his mojo. “I said the same thing after the game (presentation). Now, every time you play, you will experience the same thing. People will look at you differently. Now Surya is playing. People will think ‘ . ‘Keeping up with this is a very intensive process. Jab tak aapka cricket accha chal raha hota hai, form accha hota hai, these flow well. But when there is a low point, frustration creeps in my case. Because I wanted to play my way. I wanted to live up to expectations, but cricket wouldn’t let me. It was a challenging time. That’s why I went off schedule.

“My attachments, my desires took over. That’s when I realized I couldn’t be farther from who I was. I have to stay true to myself I can’t play well, even when I’m vulnerable: “You’re playing good. You’re the worst player you’ve got to accept. You can’t deny that because you’re very good in your space.” Because it can get moody and snappy.It’s not good at all.It wasn’t fair to anyone around me like Anushka.Near ones. It’s unfair that the people who always support me can always meet in this room. We had to put things in perspective and sort them out,” Kohli said.

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