Perfect cricket match prediction yesterday: Nortje makes grumpy South Africans smile

This is not a typo and has nothing to do with sleeping loud. Add an r or two to pronounce it. roll them. They target snorrr. This is an Afrikaans word that refers to the one that burst the bank with the upper lip of Henrich Norche. If you’re old enough and South African, the last time you saw an apartheid-era police mustache was like this.
A hairy fender hangs over every corner of the mouth and is rudely chopped off directly. It’s a vital adjunct with enough profile to reach the bowling folds ahead of most other parts of Norce.

Tests in Australia Prior to his series, Norce’s mustache was just a smidge thin. Now you can wipe out Trafalgar Square, wipe out entire soup pots without a trace, and easily house a family of meerkats: Dennis Lillie over Merv Hughes and Mitchell Johnson. Closer to Kapil Dev than Clive Rice. Not for the faint of heart, nose or lips to snore. To see it is to know that evolution is a work in progress.

How many liters of sweat could have flowed under his Nortje mustache on Tuesday when the MCG hit 37 degrees Celsius in the shade?A spider camera would have crossed the floor after lunch and flattened him from behind. How much would you have softened the blow if you faced the camera?

“So far so good,” Nortje said at a press conference about the camera crash. “He was hitting his (left) shoulder and elbow. Elbow hurts a little bit, but other than that he seems fine. I’ll keep an eye on it and see how things go with my doctor. I can see the cable.” When I turned around, my head moved a little later. It was pretty fast. I didn’t know what hit me. “

Nortje said bowling and other abilities were affected.
“It hasn’t changed my mindset. When Dean [Elgar] asked me to bowl, I was trying to stay focused. I made sure I did my best when I was there.”

He seemed to shrug off the incident, saying, “All we talked about before was how low it was.

It may be damaged. It wasn’t. Happy days. continue. But this is Australia, so there was an overreaction.

South African team management said host broadcaster Fox apologized and said it was “due to human error”. That would have been enough, but the cameras were also “disabled for the rest of the day”. . The network said, “We will ensure that steps are taken to ensure that the game and the rest of the series are not as low as they are today.”

While they’re at it, can they clarify South Africa’s complete absence from the game? A visitor must win to add to the hat-trick. They are down 197 runs and declining rapidly. They played almost boring blows followed by almost boring bowling and were not as impressive as Nortje’s mustache.

Nortje defied the heat to beat David Warner’s Dance of Destiny, the majestic Steve Smith’s Seance and a 239 shared with everyone except South Africa from Games and Rubber. The scorecards he disagrees with Nortje. All that said, he bowled his 16 overs and won by his 1/50th, and dismissed Smith to end a great partnership. I’m not saying he came out after lunch and, in a ball before 36 overs, knocked down four of the more hostile overs that even the likes of Warner and Smith would have faced.

During this attack, Norce ran at 150 kilometers per hour in silvery shadows, reaching 155. After targeting Warner’s helmet earlier in the day, Norce slapped the paramedic’s hand to get him down to the ground. It just added to the recognition Warner deserved. In the seven overs before the stumps, armed with a new ball and even more dangerous, Norce did the same to Cameron Green, drawing blood from his index finger and being forced to retire with an injury.

The only other wicket of the day, his ninth over in the morning, Marcus Norce also showed when he was sold on the river when Labshagne tried to take his two to Warner.
He knocked it over and slammed his ball from his knee into the stump. Nortje closely resembled South African lawn bowler Doug He Watson, who won the 1976 World Singles, Doubles and Team Championships. Watson also sported the kind of mustache seen on the police officer’s face when he shot hundreds of children in Soweto on June 16 of that cursed year.

How did it feel to bowl so well for such a small reward? “It happens,” said Noche. “You try everything with the ball in the heat. Try different grips. But that’s part of cricket. “

Perhaps his burden was eased by an unlikely alliance with the beer-loving fraternity he formed at Bay 13, former MCG, the wildest team in cricket. In the 2005 Boxing His Day test, they were Afrikaans and carried out racist abuse against André his Nell, who is as white and Afrikaans as Nolche. In 2018, Indian players faced racist chants like “show me your visa”. Nortje had no such problem. Instead, he made Bay 13 residents laugh and joke, asked for officially signed autographs, and mimicked the stretches he did at the border to stave off cramps in the heat. “They had a great day,” Nolce said of his newfound friends. “It was nice, fun, good vibes.” Was he surprised by his warm welcome? “I think they enjoyed their day. They won’t remember me tomorrow.” “It’s just a joke,” he added.

After two days, the South Africans could use all the cheer they could find given how many more days they had to endure in this match. Seeing Nortje’s magnificent mustache just makes her smile, but it won’t last long.

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