Prediction of cricket match: Jadeja gives over 100% in comeback matches. Coach Odedra of Saurashtra

Ravindra Jadeja’s excellent comeback performance from a five-month injury layoff came two and a half days before Indian all-rounder Saurashtra produced an impressive seven-wicket pull (53-7) in the second innings against Tamil Nadu on Thursday. During the

Jadeja said that in Tamil Nadu’s first innings he picked up only one wicket in 24 overs and with the bat in his first essay he managed 15 runs.

But at Chennai’s Chidambaram Stadium, it only needed a delivery of Jadeja 103 to pool his Nadu to 133 late in the third day. Tamil Nadu’s 132-run lead in the first innings was enough to give Saurashtra an impressive 266-run chase.

When the inning was over and Jadeja delivered to his M. Siddharth’s stump is chanting “CSK, CSK” amplified by the spectators on the stands in the center of the gate. Strange and perhaps fitting at the same time, what put the crowd at ease was the visiting captain waving before receiving the ball from the referee and returning in style to the pavilion.

Niraj of Saurashtra, Odedra His coach praised Jadeja for his impressive comeback and dedication to the team’s cause, while also praising Indian borders Gavaskar for his test against Australia in his squad. claimed.

“Look at him playing cricket, which means he gave more than 100 percent of his. The second wicket he took was all clouds about his injuries etc. almost wiped out. it erases everything. He was a good fit and I think he is very fit.We expected him to perform like that. That’s exactly what he provided,” said Odedora.

Jadeja said she was often on and off the field at the start of some sessions on day one and her second day, but Odedra never faced a problem during the game. Told. “In the first session, when I came back in any relationship, I usually just practiced lightly and he knew it. Then he did a proper long session to get his touch back.

“I spoke with the NCA guy [Sudarshan VP] who was with him and he said Jadeja seemed to be feeling really good in the morning and getting better every day,” added Odedora. .

Jadeja pitched his 24 overs in multiple spells in the first innings, but his left arm took advantage of the new ball in his second extended spell. “This is how we use our bowlers. Short spells get the best out of you, but here the spinners can go up to 10-12 overs at a time. It wasn’t surprising (Jadeja has a new ball. for a long time),” he said.

Saurashtra have secured a place in the quarter-finals, but poor racket performances against Andorra and Tamil Nadu this week have prompted the manager to take notice.

“I think our hitters have to push the game. I have to pull up my socks. More work needs to be done to counter spinners in all situations. I think throwing played an important role as well, just having that issue in the last two games. Winning the toss with a wicket like this plays a big role,” he added.

Odedra hopes Saurashtra can win in the quarter-finals, even if the commitment of the nation sees the side without the services of solid Jadeja, Cheteshwar Pujara and Jaydev Unadkat.

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