Real cricbuzz prediction: David Moore appointed Program Director for Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Cricket Board is ready to appoint David Moore as program leader, following the example of coaching directors elsewhere in the world. Cricbuzz previously reported that the BCB was planning to hire his manager for the program, and the company’s chief executive, Nizamuddin Chowdhury, said Wednesday that Moore’s appointment was all but final. told the site.

“We are ready to appoint him (Moore) as our program director,” he said. “Usually a candidate for such a position is appointed for two years,” he added.

Program managers are tasked with the idea of ​​bridging the gap between the national team and other units that are right behind the national team, such as the high performance unit and the Bangladesh Tigers programme. Moore was named NSW General Manager of Cricket Performance in 2014, having played some of New South Wales’ best games in the 1980s. After the departure of Bennett King in 2007, Moore became the assistant head of the West Indies where he coached and then Bermuda. Moore was the senior coach at Australia’s Center of Excellence from 2002 until he was in 2004.

Moore joined King Bennett at the Commonwealth Bank of Adelaide in 2002 at the Cricket Academy (CBCA), and in 2004 King joined King as head of the West Indies after he replaced Gus logie as coach. joined. Moore quickly accepted the role of head coach of the West Indies when King resigned from the post after the West Indies’ poor campaign in the 2007 World Cup.

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