Real cricbuzz prediction: “If Virat Kohli comes out to attack…”: Gillespie’s potentially game-changing advice to Australia ahead of India’s test

The two stars of their respective teams have often clashed in the past, but with the Australian captain and Kohli seeking revenge in the shape of his life in the Test, Pat Cummins vs. Virat Kohli is a match to watch. will be

In the upcoming test series between India and Australia, the two strongest teams in world cricket will not only vie for dominance, but what makes this duel even tastier is the numbers clashing to grab.R Ashwin vs Marnus Labuschagne, Josh Hazlewood vs. Rohit Sharma, Cameron Green vs. Suryakumar Yadav in bowling, and Nathan Lyon in Cheteshwar Pujara are just a few of the delicious contests that highlight the four test series. However, if there’s one rivalry he promises to stand out from the rest, it’s that between Virat Kohli and Pat Cummins. His two stars in their respective teams have often clashed in the past, but the Australian captain is the shape of his life during the tests and Kohli is looking to have his back covered. Pacer Jason Gillespie. Cummins has had considerable success against Kohli, sacking the former Indian captain nine times in the international cricket format. But as his 94 batting average suggests, Cori didn’t falter against Cummins either. Cummins often catches Cori on the outside line outside the stumps, and Gillespie hopes the Australian captain will give Virat time to try and not interfere.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing (Virat) Kohli take on Cummins. It’s a great match. It will be interesting to see how they go. When Virat comes to bat, I’d love to see Cummins go straight for him with the ball. It will be a great stage for two great cricketers to give their best performances,” Gillespie told the Hindustan Times.

Cummins and Hazlewood will have to share most of the Australian fast bowling duties with his Mitchell Starc left out of the first test. Australia strengthened their positions with Mitchells Wepson and Todd Murphy in favor of Lyon with his three-pronged attack. On Australia’s last tour of India, Steve O’Keefe led the home side irregularly, taking 12 wickets in the First Test in Pune. batter.

“Stark is clearly left-handed and very slow to come back. But Hazelwood and Cummins are good as well. They can all make a real impact on Oldball. He could be a really nasty customer for Indian hitters.I think we’ll see the ball swing backwards in this series,” he added.

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