Real cricbuzz prediction: MP beats Vidarba, Avesh 12 sacks

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Avesh Khan picked up a five-wicket pull in the second innings and added in the first seven to set up a 205-run victory over Madhya Pradesh’s Vidarva in the Elite D game in Indore. Vidarbha started the day on 13/1, chasing his 407 for the win. Vidarbha was eliminated with 201, though Faiz Fazal fought with his 65, as Avesh and Gaurav Yadav (4-61) made his cut as regulars.

His five-wicket draw for Vijaykumar Vyshak saw Karnataka pitch Chhattisgarh for 177 in his second innings. Chasing his 123 for the win, Karnataka lost 3 wickets but reached goal with 23.3 overs, Nikin Jose top scorer with his 44 points to secure his place in Elite Group C. Securing the 2018 second win and citing the table. KV Sasikanth’s five-wicket move in the second innings, plus three wickets in the first innings, helped Andorra beat Hyderabad by 154 runs in an elite Group B encounter at Vizianagaram. Hyderabad needed 401 to win and started the day at 75/2. Sasikanth and Kodavandla Sudharsan (3-48) delivered his regular strikes, Hyderabad folded for 246, and Chandan Sahani (56) was the lone half-centurion.

Arun Karthik’s struggling 130 and Krishna Pandey’s 64 weren’t enough to keep Puducherry out of service in Elite Group C. Puducherry in his Stumps saw him deducted to 128/6 on day three and thanks to efforts from Karthik and Pandey he scored 313 in the second innings. However, the Services needed to win by just 64 and lost half in 13.2 overs. Sagar Udeshi (3-20) pitched an impressive bowling performance in vain.

His 6-wicket draw for Mohit Redkar gave Goa 155 goals as he pitched Kerala for 200 in the second innings. Ishaan Gadekar then posted an unbeaten 67, Siddhesh Lad scored 33 and Goa scored in his 48.3 overs.

Rahul Dalal’s struggling 96 was in vain as Arbin Singh’s five-wicket move gave Meghalaya a 226-run victory over Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal needed 412 to win and was eliminated with 185. top knock

Rishav Das’ unbeaten 114, along with half-centuries from Kunal Saikia and Sidharth Sarmah, helped Assam tie the game against Maharashtra. Saikia struggled with 163 deliveries and retired with 52 injuries.Assam slipped to 137/4 before Rishab and Sidharth came together and fought over 34 overs to keep the team safe . Swarupam Purkayastha and Akash Sengupta helped Rishav defy his Maharashtra as Assam finished with his 309/6.

Pradosh Ranjan Paul’s 169 and Vijay Shankar’s 103 helped Tamil Nadu take on Mumbai. Tamil Nadu finished the day with 548 after starting 380/4. Mumbai needed 212 to win and in 24.2 overs he finished 137/3 with Yashasvi Jaiswal scoring 66 instead of 60.

Anukulroy scored his 125 points as Jharkhand declared his second with his 470/9 and Rajasthan set up his 276 goals. Yash Kothari tried to keep him on track with 85 to 95 balls but the game eventually ended in a draw as Rajasthan finished his 194/4 in his 33 overs.

With Abhimanyu Easwaran’s 82 and Sudip Kumar Gharami’s 72, Bengal declared his 206/7 post in his second innings and scored 322 goals for Uttarakhand. Avneesh Sudha’s 54 unbeaten run was the highlight of Uttarakhand’s chase. After playing 23 overs, the match ended in a draw at 69/0.

A half-century from Jyotsnil Singh and Pratyush Kumar, defiant punches from Shashwat Rawat and Dhruv Patel helped Baroda tie the match against Himachal Pradesh. Himachal started the first innings with 56 1/8 he led by 206 and Baroda finally fell to his 143/4 before middle his orders saved the team from trouble.

Priyamgargu’s 64 in the first and 36 in the second helped her team to a draw against Haryana after Uttar her Pradesh was called to continue. At 35/3 on day three, Uttar Pradesh were eliminated from the tournament with 197. When called to continue, they achieved 72/1 when the game ended in a draw.

Shantanu Mishra’s 200 not out and Prayash Singh’s 104 were the highlights of the final day as Odisha and Nagaland ended in a draw. Orissa started the day with him at 392/6 and he reached 535/8 before declaring an innings. After 102, Nagaland was half a century ahead with his 120/1 draw over Yugandhar singh Singh and Joshua Ozukum.

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