Today cricbuzz prediction: Smriti Mandana: Awareness of nutrition is essential to compete at the top level

Indian women’s cricketers have narrowly won their first T20 world title in 2020. Ahead of the next competition, her vice-captain Smriti Mandana says she’s not putting too much pressure on herself and her teammates to reclaim the trophy from her South Africa in February.

She said: “I’m not one to set big goals. “We will try to do everything we can to achieve it. By the end of the year, hopefully by the end of the year, we will win some trophies and have many other girls playing cricket. I urge you to do so.”

The stylish opener Mandana had a great year in international cricket, scoring around 1,200 runs between ODI and his T20I. While she was “satisfied with my performance, especially with her medals at the Commonwealth Games,” she downplayed the hype surrounding her Premier League (WIPL) Women’s Indians.

Mandana was on the sidelines of the event to announce her collaboration with Herbalife Nutrition. She emphasized the growing awareness of nutrition in women’s cricket.

“I’ve grown a lot in the last four or five years,” she said. Cricket was once often referred to as a skill sport, but the increasing number of matches and hectic schedules have made nutrition an important aspect of fitness.

“It will be one of the most important aspects for the future. How much protein you need to consume, how much water you need to consume, better understand your body and plan accordingly, gym and physical conditioning to become the best team in the world. “If you have to compete at the highest level, you have to take care of yourself and nutrition is one of the most important parts of that.”

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