Today IPL Match Report : One factor contributing to Shivam Dube’s change is MS Dhoni.

Chennai Super Kings’ (CSK) captain Ruturaj Gaikwad commended Shivam Dube for his enhanced proficiency in handling short-pitched deliveries, accrediting it to personal mentoring from Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Gaikwad lauded Dube’s significant role in CSK’s 63-run triumph over Gujarat Titans in the recent IPL match. Dube, previously grappling with short balls, exhibited a remarkable turnaround, evident in his aggressive batting display, which included five sixes in a rapid-fire innings of 51 off just 23 balls. This development was particularly striking considering his previous struggles with short-pitched deliveries.

“His confidence has soared. Since his arrival, the management and Mahi bhai have worked closely with him. He’s now well aware of his role and which bowlers to target. It’s a huge positive for us,” Gaikwad praised the impactful performance of Dube, who emerged as a game-changer with his explosive batting.

Dube, expressing his gratitude towards the CSK management, highlighted the freedom granted to him, emphasizing his commitment to readiness against short-pitched deliveries, especially since the allowance of two bouncers per over.

“This franchise (CSK) is unique. They allow me the freedom to express myself. They expect better from me, and I too aim to contribute to winning matches,” Dube stated after being awarded the ‘Player of the Match’.

In the recent matches, Dube hasn’t merely focused on surviving short-pitched deliveries; he has adopted a more aggressive approach towards them, although the results have been somewhat varied.

“I’ve trained in that aspect, and it’s paying off. I anticipate short balls and prepare accordingly,” he remarked, emphasizing his readiness to confront the bowlers head-on.

Additionally, he stressed that the team management consistently advises him to adopt a similar aggressive strategy in every match, urging him to take on the bowlers without hesitation.

“They want me to replicate today’s performance. They encourage me to maintain a high strike-rate, and that’s precisely what I aim to do.”

According to Gaikwad, Tuesday’s victory was a result of nearly flawless execution across all facets of the game.

“Today’s game was almost perfect in terms of batting, bowling, and fielding. Against a formidable opponent like Gujarat, such a performance was imperative,” Gaikwad commented on the team’s comprehensive display.

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