Top cricket match prediction: Ranji Trophy 2022-23: Badoni’s 191 puts Hyderabad behind Delhi

Ayush Badoni cracked a spectacularly fast century (191, 230b, 24×4, 6×6) to see pacesetter Harshit Rana land four decisive blows. Delhi threw Hyderabad on the brink of another defeat in his third day of his four-day Ranji Trophy Elite. Group B matches will take place on Thursday at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium.

With a score of 5 for 223 on the night, Delhi finished third when left-arm spinner G. Aniketh Reddy missed wicketkeeper batsmen Anuj Rawat (11) and Pranshu Vijayran (0) to make the result 277. After scoring two goals in the round of 66, I was in trouble. eight.

Then, in his third top league match, 23-year-old Badoni taught him the art of strike farming. The way he approached the spinner and fired a daring shot over the fence six times was a feast for his eyes. With the defiant Harsit Lana (58, 90b, 8×4, 1×6), Badoni scored 122 runs on 167 balls for 9 wickets as Derry took a crucial first innings lead and sent the home side into despair. was helpful.

But then the Lucknow Supergiants hitter unluckily missed his second century when trying to swing Aniketh.

Clearly, Badoni played one of his best innings ever at the venue in a high-pressure, top-flight match.

And when Hyderabad scored their second at-bat, 78 runs down, captain Tanmay Aggarwal was shocked by being served after trying to pull Rana in the fifth over of the innings. He was visibly disappointed, indicating that his racket was not matching the ball at all. Soon another pacesetter, Divij Mehra, had wicket-keeper Rahul Radesh (6) ridicule wicket-keeper Rawat. Lana then missed Nitesh Reddy, with him firing three more shots. Risik Shokeen put a stunning diving his catch on the hitter’s square leg on his pull and Chandan Sahani was bowled for Duck.

In the closing stages, Rana sent back his 1st inning Centurion Rohit Rayudu to make it 5-for-76. Either way, only a miracle can save Hyderabad, who is only 12 runs behind.

The scores:

Hyderabad – 1st innings: 355

Delhi – 1st innings: Yash Dhull c Radesh b Aniketh 72, Dhruv Shorey b Ajay Dev 30, Hrithik Shokeen c Radesh b Aniketh 4, Ayush Badoni b Aniketh 191, Vaibhav Rawal run out (Shashank) 20, Himmat Singh b Ajay Dev 0, Lalit Yadav c Radesh b Ajay Dev 19, Anuj Rawat b Aniketh 11, Pranshu Vijayran lbw Aniketh 0, Harshit Rana lbw b Ajay Dev 58, Divij Mehra not out 8.

Extras: (b-11, nb-6, w-3) 19

Total: (all out in 100.5 overs) 433.

Fall of wickets: 1-83, 2-96, 3-135, 4-192, 5-192, 6-256, 7-277, 8-277, 9-399, 10-433.

Hyderabad bowling: Kak 26-4-103-0, Praneeth 19-0-78-0, Ajay Gooud 20.5-3-87-4, Aniketh 34-4-143-5, Rohit Rayudu 1-0-5-0.

Hyderabad – 2nd innings: Tanmay Agarwal c Rawat b Rana 11, Rahul Radesh c Rawat b Mehra 6, K. Rohit Rayudu c Rawat b Rana 32, K. Nitesh Reddy c Shokeen b Rana 0, Chandan Sahani b Rana 0, T. Santosh Goud batting 20, Shashank Lokesh batting 12.

Extras: (b-5, lb-2, nb-2) 9

Total: (for five wickets in 31 overs) 90

Fall of wickets: 1-12, 2-18, 3-25, 4-25, 5-76

Delhi bowling: Rana 9-2-27-4, Mehra 7-2-18-1, Vijayran 8-1-25-0, Shokeen 5-1-10-0, Lalit 2-0-3-0.

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