WIPL prediction 2023: BCCI provides WIPL team with 80% return in first 5 years

The Women’s Indian Premier League (WIPL) franchise will initially receive a healthy revenue share from the Indian Cricket Control Board (BCCI).

According to the WIPL Franchise Invitation to Tender (ITT), the terms are now known and the revenue sharing agreement will make him 80-20 for his first five years from 2023-27. His next five years from 2028-32 will be 60-40 and eventually he will settle for a 50-50 margin between the franchise and the BCCI regulator by 2033. It’s a schedule.

The funding model saw margins of 90/10, 80/20, 70/30, 60/40 in his first four years before finally settling on a balanced 50/50 ratio for his IPL. It’s a departure from the franchise’s initial agreement. league income.

Primary revenue will primarily consist of revenue from league sponsors and media rights that will be auctioned on January 16th. BCCI will launch WIPL in March with five teams and expand to six pages in three years.

As previously reported, there is no base price for the franchise, and BCCI has clarified that the consortium cannot own the team. Stakeholders must have a net worth of Rs 1000 crores. As an outlook, a similar clause for the new IPL team when BCCI sold its Ahmedabad and Lucknow franchises in 2020 was Rs 3000. ITT has attracted a lot of interest from both IPLs and outside parties. It seems that. According to the timeline provided by ITT, both parties have until January 13th to request clarifications, and bidding documents can be purchased by January 21st. January 23rd is the date for the due diligence and verification process, and two days later he will be awarded the concession through a closed tender process on January 25th.

ITT has not mentioned a salary cap for franchises, but in a recent notice to interested parties, BCCI said the base price plate will be Rs. , said to be 3 lakh rupees. Player Player It will be Rs 20 lakh and Rs 10 lakh. The auction will take place in February.

BCCI also clarified that it will only negotiate with national associations and not through players’ agents. “At this stage of the process, BCCI only deals directly with national associations and has no contact with players’ agents or managers. (unless otherwise determined) the player’s name will be immediately removed from the auction register and/or auction listings (as applicable).” BCCI Statement.

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